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The main reason this relativity is much less absolute is due to its size. It is very unstable in a non-conventional sense, not ejecting anything at all. However, its physics is very glitchy and almost unfixable, as even current tech from the most advanced Omniverse cannot make this place behave well, although it has been proven to be fixable.

Another odd fact about the Unabsolute Relativity is that it is a very weird shape. It it comprised of cylinders, and these cylinders are made of stacks upon stacks of Absolute Relativities, making it easy to travel between them. These cylinders act as cosmic string in the Unabsolute Relativity as well, making it even more odd.

Its contents are not made of anything in particular, just a large primordial soup of atoms and subatomic particles made of these huge cylinders. If they were the size of actual string, this would be the size of one cylinder. And as a note, each cylinder has about TREE(20) Absolute Relativities.

Cosmic entities that wander here are often said to go insane due to a gas in the area as well, although we would never know because we cannot reach this place without spaceships not invented in our local UR.