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Unconfirmed is a very elusive verse that strangely enough, obliterates anything that gets too close to it. (Danger zone is 95,000,000 ly)


Unconfirmed, from far away, appears to just be another normal universe. However, when you get close, Unconfirmed seems to glow an extremely bright blue.

Once you get up to approximately 87 LY away from Unconfirmed, it will appear completely white. If you go approximately 56 LY away from Unconfirmed, it will be too bright to even discern any real color.


Unconfirmed was discovered by an Omegahuman who was traversing the Omniverse. It came across Unconfirmed, which was flying around between many verses. The Omegahuman proceeded to take out their Omega-Cam, one of the best cameras in the entire cosmos, but before they could take a picture, Unconfirmed came very close to the camera and obliterated it completely.

The Omegahuman tried again and again to get a picture, but every time the camera got destroyed by Unconfirmed right before a picture could be taken. Many creatures were getting interested about Unconfirmed, and soon enough, even Gerald came to take a look. He was the first entity to successfully get a close-up picture of Unconfirmed, and also a picture of its inside.


Unconfirmed's structure is quite unknown, since practically everything that gets close to it will immediately get destroyed. The only way to successfully get an image of what is inside Unconfirmed is with gods like Gerald taking a picture of what is inside.

Confirmed Objects


Planets are some of the only confirmed objects inside of Unconfirmed. All pictures of them are extremely

An image of one of the planets inside of Unconfirmed

unclear and blurry, but extensive analysis of the pictures proved that planets do indeed exist inside of Unconfirmed.

Gerald confirmed that most of the planets were gaseous.


Stars inside Unconfirmed are another one of the few confirmed objects. The pictures of stars in Unconfirmed

A image of one of the stars inside of Unconfirmed

are even less clear, but tens of OYC years spent studying the pictures proved that stars also exist inside of Unconfirmed.

Unconfirmed Objects

There are way more unconfirmed objects in Unconfirmed than there are confirmed ones. Many of these images are ridiculously blurred, making studying them extraordinarily hard. These objects are also what Unconfirmed was named after. Here are a few of these unconfirmed objects.

Black Holes

The presence of strange black spheres of some sort in many pictures of the interior of Unconfirmed has led many creatures to believe that black holes exist inside of Unconfirmed. However, no solid evidence has proved that black holes reside inside of Unconfirmed.


Galaxies have also claimed to be sighted inside of Unconfirmed. However, galaxies would be extremely unlikely, due to the sheer temperature of Unconfirmed.

A... massive cylinder?

Some of the weirder objects that have been claimed to be sighted inside of Unconfirmed was a giant

The supposed cylinder, taken by Gerald

cylinder. This is one of the weirder ones, and has not been confirmed as of yet.