The Uniperaverse exists in a new class of verse altogether. It contains the Peraomniversal Complex which contains all of the 3rd-class verses.

Like all peraverses, it exists in the perareality, at a point on the "path" of nested realities that intersects with the unireality, our reality, but at a different angle, leading to some unique features and some inherited features from the unireality.  Structure is partially affected by this angle, but only at small scales. Larger scales are less affected; they are closer to an axis unaffected by the angle.

Due to the overlap here, if you attempt to enter the spaces between the Peraomniversal Complexes within, you'll either fall back down into a random unireality, or you'll forced back into the closest Peraomniversal Complex. Civilizations have exploited this feature to instantly communicate over extremely long distances.

It is also a failsafe for if you attempt to go sub-Blueprint Particles. Instead of ending up at a lower scale, you will go all the way here. In a way, this makes the Uniperaverse techinally sub-Blueprint Particle, but it isn't really; the Blueprint Particle is the "bottom", and thus, you cannot go below it.

Experienced Metaversians can easily treat regular verses like the Metaverse, allowing mapping the hacking of xoꓭ ǝʜT particles onto "breaking Blueprint Particles", allowing them to reach this verse as well.


The Uniperaverse is a lava orb with gas rings radiating from the orb every second. The lava orb on the surface appears to resemble the early universe, but on a much larger scale. They are made of extremely "bouncy" Peraomniversal Complexes that give off 10 watts of pera-energy per second.

This pera-energy goes to the core, an entangled space due to pera-years of interaction with the bounciness of the surface. The core then takes this pera-energy, and uses it to produce Peraatoms in order to speed up the gathering of energy. This is caused by the Peraatoms out of whack string that vibrates more and more from the energy within the Uniperaverse, causing a significantly multiplied charge. This leads to exponential insanity, and interesting fractal structures within the core of the Uniperaverse, like Mandelbrotverses.

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