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The Universe is a cosmic building block of the Omniverse. Universes in a Multiverse share common laws of physics, and systems of logic, but differ in initial starting conditions upon being formed, and thus have entirely different timelines.

Universes, unlike all Archverses after them, aren't made out of other verses, but instead, cosmic structures, elementary particles, and just generally all are absolutely verse. Universes differ very slightly in size and average out in the 100 billion light-year range.

Each Universe has a set of laws that govern everything inside without exception. Their laws can be broken, however, objects aren't actively breaking a law at any time. They simply stop existing or stop being contained by the Universe, as to counteract the law-breaking.

The laws in a Universe also typically only govern properties of objects within the said Universe, instead of primarily governing laws of inferior objects.

Universe Border

The border of a Universe is located at the boundary of its sphere of law influence. Universes may not have physical borders, as in our Universe, whose boundary is pushed by dark energy continuously further away and the border is simply a cut-off for our law systems.

Universe borders, at least the ones similar to ours, have some sort of a negative attractive force that repels objects once they come close enough to the Universe. This causes a hill-like bend in spacetime, encircling the entire Universe in equal amplitude, and the line connecting all maximum negative attraction points is used as the official boundary and border.

Universes expand their border by various methods, most unnamable due to language limitations, but Universes in our large general vicinity are expanded by a force that either acts solely on the border, or one that occurs naturally but also interacts with the border as well.

Borderless Universes, those in the form of LNB-2n, usually lose their border rather than having it be absent from the Universes very conception. This does not mean that the Universe's laws influence indefinitely far, as in, being borderless, but that they don't end abruptly but fizzle out. These types of Universes don't exactly have any special phenomena happing at the "fuzzy area" that could implicate a border either, but one can see from a far that the Universe's structures simply fizzle out after a certain distance from the center.

Our Universe

Our Universe is a 93 billion light-year LNB-7 which was created 13.8 billion years ago. It grows very slowly in size, however, its growth is still faster than light speed, due to the potential of dark energy.

Its laws of physics include: the Law of Gravitation (objects attract each other with a force directly proportional to the product of the masses of the objects and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them), Newton's laws of Motion, Coloumb's law (force between the two electric charges reduces to a quarter of its former value when the distance between them is doubled), Kepler's law (each planet revolves round the Sun in an elliptical orbit with the Sun at one focus), Law of Conservation of Energy (energy can neither be created nor destroyed), General Relativity (each planet puts space curvative, makes space and time relative to each other, and make time dilation possible dependent to speed of light), Dark Energy (likely a law which is the cause of the acceleration of expansion), and more.

Dark energy isn't an actual law, but a mysterious substance that fills the universe to a point where it is virtually a law of the universe. - DiepAndArrasTankIdeas, StickFigure78, and RainbowMarkers1.

Elementary particles include quarks, gluons, leptons, and bosons. Together they construct protons and neutrons, which finally make up atoms, who are the building blocks of nearly everything in the Universe. (With the exception of dark matter). Atoms together clump up to form molecules; the arrangement of atoms in these molecules are what create very unique and chaotic solids, gasses, and liquids. A great example of this phenomena are crystals.

There are 4 fundamental forces that make up everything: Weak (quarks and gluons), strong (nucleons), electromagnetism, and gravity.

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Cosmic uncertainty

Each possibility described so far is based on a very simple form for the dark energy equation of state. However, as the name is meant to imply, very little is currently known about the physics of dark energy. If the theory of inflation is true, the universe went through an episode dominated by a different form of dark energy in the first moments of the Big Bang, but inflation ended, indicating an equation of state far more complex than those assumed so far for present-day dark energy. It is possible that the dark energy equation of state could change again, resulting in an event that would have consequences that are extremely difficult to predict or parametrize. As the nature of dark energy and dark matter remain enigmatic, even hypothetical, the possibilities surrounding their coming role in the universe are currently unknown. None of these theoretic endings for the universe are certain.

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