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The Universe of Reality is basically a giant flowerfield which is illuminated by Galaxies of Reality, which contain Ultimate SUNs. Each part of the giant flowerfield is divided up by the Wall of Roots, a wall that goes up to the Galaxies of reality. The Wall of Roots comes from multiple Interversal Structure Flowers.

Things appear to fall down, but in reality, they aren't really "falling". It is just the direction of time. They can pass right through the flowerfield and things from the flowerfield can pass right through it, but they still affect gravity, which distorts the flowerfield (which is the surface of spacetime.) (only the honeycomb though; everything else that is part of the flowerfield can ignore distortion because they are coated in Immoblium, which allows things that touch the immoblium to not affect it; they won't affect spacetime). Light from the galaxies of reality and Ultimate SUN even goes through non-flowerfield objects without getting observed, so you don't even see it. Every now and again, things that pass through the flowerfield become part of the flowerfield somehow. This is why you can sometimes find random objects in the flowerfield.

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