The unnamed is a giant cube containing 8 Brackets, but is 9 times bigger due to the cube not directly touching the 8 Brackets. Also, this "verse" got it's name by who took the photo of it; an entity who's name is unknown, as well as everything else about him. Surprisingly, outside of The Brackets, and inside this "verse", there's actually life. These empty spots are known as Cube Emptiness.


Basically, the way there's no life in a place with nothing in it is the fact that negative sized creatures exist like Dave. They technically don't take up space as they're negative sized, thus meaning that this void still has nothing in it. There are only Daves in here as we know of so far.


This cube has a strange, glowing color at different points of it. This is likely due to different color Brackets glowing outside of the cube a bit, and causing different portions of this "verse" to look completely different.


This verse suddenly inverted itself when one of the Brackets escaped the cube with giant force, causing the cube to split apart and also completely bend. The picture shown was taken 182 OYC ago, which isn't too long before the disaster.

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