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Uqraek fibers are the fundamental building blocks for spatial dimensions. It's a submatter-kind string consisting of Protoverses, that it excites them to compute existence-1 property from themselves.


Uqraek fibers are consisted with looped strings, each made of a infinite amount of connecting "Uqreak threads." They never directly occupy spacetime, although they make Uqraek strings to occupy. Each Uqraek fiber is made of exactly Uqraek threads, enough to fill the Omniverse.

Uqreak thread is consisted of 3 parts, sorted by steps: B-qraek Primordiums, H-qraek particles, and S-qraek / Source particles.

B-qraek Primordiums

B-qraek Primordiums come with a connected pair of Ω particle and Σ particle. It's the first step to build a Uqraek thread.

Ω and Σ particles from different pairs can be connected to form multiple connecting Uqraek threads, but Uqraek threads never branch off because one can connect with at most 2 other B-qraek Primordiums.

H-qraek particles

H-qraek particles are the particles in which source particles vibrate those for spacetime occupation with their virtual clones, and internal energies. H-qraek particle can be excited to generate external forces by their internal energies.

Each B-qraek Primordium can be connected with H-qraek particle.

There are three types of H-qraek particles.

Protospatial particles

(See also: Protospatial particles)

The particles that can occupy spacetime are called "Protospatial particles," which come with 2 major particles: Protoverses for existence and Nullirotos for nonexistence, but Nullirotos are always still and neither vibrate nor be excited.

Exotic particles exist for other existence ranks, but some require multiple kinds of Protospatial particles, including all fractional ranks.

If Protospatial particles don't give spacetime occupation, then those virtual particles in spacetime would have null existence ranks.

Connection Primordiums

Every single connection of Uqraek fiber comes with a pair of Σ particle and Δ particle. They are usefully found at the ends of a Uqraek fiber, although they have opposing positions for each end.

This is where teraversal-level substances (like Glitchonicite, Toxicium, and Shinoverse's substance for radiation) are dissolved into S-qraek particles with a lot of Primordium Particles in themselves, even substances at higher levels.

Not all Uqraek fibers have to be linear. At the midst of Uqraek fibers, you will see that one connects with another position, allowing for a more efficient computing for quantum scale, and even higher weights. One particle have equal chance to jump-and-skip or move on to the next position.

If there are at least 3 connections in a row, then the entire Uqraek fiber would be unstable enough to break logic at a quantum scale.

S-qraek particles

S-qraek particles come with groups for the inputs of the Uqreak fiber code. They vibrate H-qraek particles as they pass through Uqreak threads.

The conditions should be met for S-qraek particles:

Let's look at all 4 Primordium Particles before beginning the combination table...

  • A particle: Positive, lightness, and safe.
  • Ω particle: Negative, darkness, and dangerous. But if it comes with A particle, then they can destroy galaxies!
  • Σ particle: Balanced, greatness, and self-repairing.
  • Δ particle: Increases the power of those particles above.
Primordium 1 Primordium 2 Other Primordiums Existence rank (Head particle) Result
Σ Ω Σ Any Folds a Uqeark String slightly.
Σ Δ A Any Makes Protospatial Particles occupy spacetime at quantum scale.
Δ Ω A Any Destroy the connections from a Uqraek thread, but can be prevented by a positive teraversal-level substance.
Σ Ω Δ Any Absorbs light.
Σ Ω A 0 (Nulliroto) Produces a virtual, chaos particle that is used for forming objects from Multiverses and further objects, like Metaverse, Xenoverse, Hyperverse, and Megaverse.
Σ Ω Δ 0 (Nulliroto) Accelerates physical forces.
Σ Ω A + Δ 0 (Nulliroto) When excited, Nulliroto generates "singularity" forces for The Outside and higher nonexistent voids.
Σ Ω A 1 (Protoverse) Enough to generate all cosmic strings from Universes.
Σ Δ A 1 (Protoverse) Enough to generate a photon.
Σ Δ Σ 1 (Protoverse) Enough to power up a single Macroformer.
Σ Δ A 2 (Metaproto) Metaprotos generate forces to connect with disconnected Uquerk threads.


  • Uqraek fibers are artifically 1-dimensional, as it makes a single chaotic 1-dimensional object by Microdimensions.
  • Uqraek fibers only consists of 2 types of particles: Protospatial particles and Primordium Particles
  • Uqraek Fibers are entirely made of Blueprint Particles and Chaos Fabric, a Microdimensional fabric for building particles.
  • As of May 23rd, 2021, this is currently the only object which jumps from Microdimensions to spacetime.

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Main Chain

Protoverse -> Uqraek fiber -> String -> Quark -> Proton -> Atom -> Star -> Galaxy

Protoverse, Primordium Particles -> Uqraek fiber -> String ->
Quark, Lepton, Neutrino, Boson ->
Proton, Neutron -> Atom ->
Planet -> Star -> Galaxy