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The Deleted Zones are areas that contain some of the worst -verses/dimensions on the wiki, which means that the Deleted Zones include things like the Bendy Dimension. They can either be small, which indicate that they are in a Glitchverse, or they can be bigger, which indicate that they are out somewhere in the Infinitearrangeiverse.


They were "created" by The HaCkEr, but in reality, they originated when some of The God of Cosmologies's workers decided to fool ​around while helping form the Infinitearrangeiverse. The God Of Cosmologies decided to fire them, and he tried to destroy the -verses, but the HaCkEr retrieved them somehow. Since no one has been able to stop him as of now, and as of now, he has still been c​reating and expanding the various Deleted Zones. Fortunately, 20% of all Deleted Zones that have ever existed have been destroyed by The God of Cosmologies, so eventually, they might disappear completely.


Due to the amount of terrible pages on the wiki and the number of salad number sizes that are included in these pages, it is nearly impossible to count the size of a Deleted Zone, so the size will not be explained here. For similar reasons, the dimensionality can't be explained either.