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In Maxywaxy's Hierarchy, OMEGA is a sphere containing everything in a Unireality ever at all times, including ALPHA. It is contained by DELTA.

It is in between the Unireality and Superreality, yet it behaves more like a unireal object. However, due to it being slightly bigger than a Unireality, it contains duplicate references to objects at different positions.

If OMEGA was more of a superreal object, then nothing much would happen. However, due to the unireal properties of this verse, a lot of objects are in a quantum superposition of being at the edge and being closer to the center.

When an object bounces off the edge but the center variant doesn't bounce, these behaviors are attempted to be merged; the geometric mean of the two forces in all dimensions is taken. However, when one of the forces goes the opposite way in one dimension as another force, this leads to imaginary forces, meaning that around 5-10 imaginary hills are placed in every th Omniverse.

Because of the imaginary hills, millions of Imaginariums fell down. They slowly merged into one big mess over many OYC until it formed an Imaginary Core at the center of this verse. Due to imaginary materials' strange properties when translated to a non-imaginary setting, it corrupted a 1 quadrillion lightyear thick area around the core.

Stopping the Glitchiness

Millions of imaginary versions of Scalenes have been thrown into the Imaginary core to eat away at the core, reducing the glitchiness. Also, Primordium Omega has been released at the edge of this verse in order to absorb the imaginary moving particles, causing both copies of them to not move (since sqrt(0*n) = sqrt(0) = 0). This has worked for the most part.

However, the Primordium Omega has actually absorbed things it shouldn't have, causing approximately 0.01% of this verse to be erased into existence-0 particles. These "vacuums" formed here caused BETA to randomly fly in, which is why both BETA and ALPHA are here.