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This is My Own User page. AlsoForkiet Is a Alternative Account Of Forkiet (which Is Recently hacked by an unknown person)

My favorite pages

  • Currently none

What am doing on All dimensions wiki?

  • I sometime Don't Made Universes here. I am here to support this wiki so. I just comment here maybe on some popular pages. (not most popular)
  • I somewhat don't know how to made a dimension Image. (Yes. i don't know how to do that)
  • I come here to support or maybe i dunno. i'm not a writing dude
  • Sometimes. i do made some pages here. I still Can't Make Gray Picture numbers (I don't Know What it's Called) and I sometime Can't made some efforts on some Pages i made. I am new To this Wiki. (Not Fandom)

Thats it i guess.