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This is a page to hold the entirety of Best's Cosmoline. This will include the entire hierarchy of Best's Cosmoline split into multiple classes.


This class will only include the part of Best's Cosmoline such that their size is finite. There are almost no terms to explain here, since we do not require any infinite terms on a finite scale. This class extends from the Cyberverse to the Finite Archverses.

Purple titles are to signify a new class, and blue titles are to signify a new verse. A frame is a measurement of time that is the smallest possible in Best's Cosmoline, and is known to be infinitely small.


A cyberverse is a verse at the center of a Multiverse that contains all cyberspace within that multiverse. These allow for trans-universal communication, but not trans-multiversal communication. They are also called multiversal matrixes. There are many cyberverses, and the Inter-Cyberversal Hub is a giant structure for Cyberverses to communicate with eachother. It is extremely secure and is made more secure every frames. It has only been attacked once, and that used insanely advanced technology. It immediately became safe to use again however after the frames have passed and it became more secure.


The multiverse contains infinitely many universes using it's extra 2 dimensions, and a Cyberverse in the center. This cyberverse is also called a multiversal matrix. This cyberverse contains exclusively all cyberspace in the multiverse.


Despite the multiverse being infinite in size, it's filled with infinitely many universes. This is not because the multiverse uses Glitchonicite to let in infinitely many universes, but instead it's higher dimensions.

A universe is like an infinitely thin piece of paper in the 4th dimension. This already allows infinitely many universes in the multiverse, but the multiverse still has another dimension, so that infinite pack of universes in 4D space is still an infinitely thin piece of paper in the 5th dimension.


The superverse is a verse that appears to be an 8-dimensional maze with no escape. Each dead end in it holds a


At this point, objects can no longer be described with a finite value, and size must be extended to be compatible with ordinals. An ordinal size can be described as:

If you place perfect meter sticks in a row across the size of an object of ordinal size and put each meter stick in an order, the last meter stick will be the Nth meter stick such that N is the size of the object.

This class extends from The Infinite Border to The Eternal.


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This class deals with objects so large that they are beyond the Omniverse and thus "nonexistent." (doesn't have an Existence Rank of 1) Here we must explain or the "xi collections." (also called Xial Realms as a shorter term)

is equivalent to the collection of all things that "exist." (existence rank of 1) is equivalent to the collection of all things that are either part of or not part of . This ties in with Class 4, since everything beyond is neither existence-1 nor not existence-1, which defies standard logic. However, we're only going up to in this class. The Xi Collections also act as size and dimensionality, with a Xi Collection as a number being the size (or dimensionality, depending on context. you can use "size of" or "dimensionality of" as a prefix to specify) of that Xi Collection. (in meters)

This class extends from the Omniverse to the Nonexistent Field.


The omniverse is a giant verse that is special. It is special because of the fact that it is the beginning of Class 3 and also first Xi Collection/Xial Realm. Don't think the 2nd Xial Realm is near, because that's at the end of this class. Anyways, the omniverse is the container of everything that exists. (exists as in has Existence Rank 1) Anything that exits the omniverse will immediately fade into nonexistence, specifically Existence Rank 0. This is why many entities that have exited the omniverse have never returned, since they didn't have the technology to interact between existence states. If you want to venture outwards, then go ahead. Good luck...


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Here we are. We've passed existence and nonexistence. Logically nothing would be here since if it's not existent, it's nonexistent due to the description of nonexistence in Best's Cosmoline. However, things are still here because forget logic! The Box contains everything within a fictional continuity, possible or impossible. If we stopped at then we'd only have covered the possible part of the Box. Impossibles have a lot of restrictions removed so there'd be more impossibles than possibles, right?

This class extends from the 3rd Xi Collection to the Xial Totality.


Welcome. You went through cyberspace, parallel universes, iteration of parallel collections, existence, nonexistence, the seemingly impossible if not impossible inbetween, and the complete list of iterations of inbetween. Past this point is no longer describable with anymore. Instead, they follow their own sets of rules for containment.

This class extends from The Describable Field to Metaboxial Space.


Metaboxial space. You've made it through the finite, the infinite, the nonexistent, the Xial, and the totally indescribable. Now you've gone past fictional continuities.