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note: pls don't use my OC without asking kthx

welcome to Hville i guess, this is a complex of multiple mini-dimensions strung together through portals. our currency is AAAth dimensionlets. we have houses, a malwart, a hidden mini-dimension dedicated to the lemon cult that worships the L E M, and more11

so you came to malwart. good choice i think. so what you buy?


the source code

  • pet L E Mming - 1.01∀ (∀ is referring to AAAth dimensionlets)
  • large canister of dihydrogen monoxide - 10∀
  • DaBaby convertible - 499.99∀
  • house door - 50∀

oh sry you don't have any AAAth dimensionlets since you're new here
let's go here so you can convert your "dollars" to AAAth dimensionlets
convert man: hello are you here to convert the comrade's dollars to the complex's currency?
convert man: ok i will process... ok done


so you bought a house now you place the door on cube and boom you'm have house111!1
welcome you have beakfast arleady set up that rare's!
and you have the screen across Hville where you watch stuff acroos the com,plex

ok therwe's more you can edpxlore for uself

no you didn't do eanything wrogn we're just guiding you across Hville
here is where bad guys and M E Llings go but the M E Llings go to a deeper level
here are things you shoiuldn';t do

thigns nhot do to

  • steal AAAth dimensionlets (10 temporal units in the mini-dimension of punish)
  • serve the M E L (782635647 temporal units in the mini-dimension of punish)
  • be a M E Lling (inf)
  • delete someone's existence .txt file (48945 temporal units)
  • use counterfeit AAAth dimensionlets (4 temporal units)
  • scam (23456789 temporal units)

oh look there's glithcy!! @! let's go ge tsome ice cream
glitchy: oh hello ther enewcomer what ice cream you want?

ice cream flavors

ice cream of any flavor costs 1∀

  • blueberry screen - your taste buds will pick up blueberry delish as they try to resolve the problem with this ice cream
  • bar glitch neapolitan - lots of bars of many flavor !! !
  • binary vanilla - filled with bits of vanilla-flavored bits of information, a new flavor emerges as your taste buds decode the giant bus of bits
  • noisemap suprise - you never know which combination of many flavors you're gonna get in each bite!