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The Cetaverse is a metaboxial structure; it consists of Boxes and Broxes from different realities. It is also within the Mandelbrotverse, and the Omniceberg is central relative to the Cetaverse.

There is more structure and more compression in the center, which allows Metaeggboxes to form. Out towards the edge, there is little structure and little compression, allowing The Spaghetti Bridges to form. 

The matrix in which these Boxes and Broxes are suspended in, cause the light duplicate, but in a way that causes the magnitude to converge and not diverge. The product is a faint glow. However, the Cetaverse has a strange shape which has multiple centers and the closer to the center, the more structure is present. Thus, the higher concentrations of Boxes and Broxes cause visibly glowing points. 

Each center of the Cetaverse is a singularity, where the matrix gets compressed further and further, untill it collapses and turns into a Metaeggbox. 


Back when the Cetaverse formed, it was just a complex of xoꓭ ǝʜTs sorted by existance state 0 or 1 in their αs. The α they were in was at max capacity, meaning that any merging that was naturally caused by forces between objects of different existance states lead to a split, and could also combine the existance state (due to the fact that splitting also created a combination of the two split halves). This lead to the Cetaverse being populated with various existance states from 0 to 1. Each object of an existance state within the Cetaverse observes a seperate center, explaining the Cetaverse's "odd shape" that contains multiple centers.