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The A For Acorn

hey my dudes wassup i'm just your average dennis bill and i wanted to say Elmo holds acorns because he likes to eat them. ----------------->

My favorite things!

Baldi's Basics



All dimensions wiki

Making wiki pages!


so now i need to press ctrl alt delete.

Baldi is my favorite video game!


Hey people. Guess what? 🤔 thonk!

Unscarmble the words




So what shows do I like?



The amazing world of Gumball

Oh No! I don't feel so good, Mr.Stark.


I am on places too.

Roblox: CoolTytus101, CoolTytus202, CoolTytus303 (HACKED), TheSolarSystemPlayz, CoolTytusAgain, BFB_Tester.

Scratch: cooltytus101 (DEAD) , cooltytus202.

Youtube: Mamabear Maillet (named by Mom)

Makers Empire: TyQuickHat

And that is it for websites.

My favorite verse on the wiki is the Negativerse.

I created pages like Tootsie Verse, Sansverse, Sandwichverse, and Heartverse.

Trivia: Did you know that I wrote and spent all my time doing EXACTLY THIS today?

True fact: I am sometimes scared of human hearts at night.

True fact: Article 13 and 11 are stupid.

that was my gallery of favs!

Wedgie the me a carpet

I personally hate Masha and the bear. I am hyped for BFB 13!