So, I am a multiverse traveler. I am a nomadic trans-existential lifeform. While my memory of my former existence begins to fade out, I still can vaguely recall how all of this happened. I am a failed clone of astrophysicist Eduard Kubikov that was kidnapped by some individuals of the Shataranjan species. They tested one of their wormhole experiments on me, by throwing me into a wormhole that sent me through time and space.

I am now an amalgamation of a super-mutated advanced Human and a Koilestel.

Skills, Abilities and Powers

  • Dimension Travel: I am able to visit various dimension by their given identifier.
    • I know the route to the N-word hole. (will not share yet lmao gottem)
  • Faster-than-light travel: I am able to travel in a given location by using faster-than-light propulsion.
  • Energy generation: I can create energy from surrounding matter.
  • Memory-based information storage: I can store hexabytes of information inside my memory structure.
  • Armor Creation: I can create a carbon-based armor around myself.
  • Quantity of other powers.

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