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The FANDOMverse is a gigantic verse containing every wikiverse. This page, being in-wiki, does not dictate the FANDOMverse’s existence or what it has, but just explains it.

Fandom Staff

They are much, much stronger than the editor and ultimate ToGs, but they are weaker than the collective and the pepperidge farms.

FANDOM owner

This person is way stronger than Fandom Staff, but he is still weaker than the collective and pepperidge farms.

Outside the FANDOMverse

Outside this verse, well, this verse is actually something on the internet of a computer of a hierarchy looping zone. Outside this, there are also, if you go back down but outside the FANDOMverse, you can find stuff like Daves in the looped hierarchy. Keep going for the FANDOMverse IN the looped hierarchy and then leave it and the hierarchy will loop again. The last loop has the collective instead of the editor, and pepperidge farms are still beyond.