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The second AD revolution begins.
[[User blog:Fuzzo the fuzzy bee/Second AD revolution]]
== The truth - uncover one of AD’s secrets ==
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== Fuzzo ==
Aka Creepervilesavior, which was my old account.
== AD is collapsing ==
I miss the good days when AD wasn’t so dramatic or inclusive of AD politics. Now there’s Aarex returning and more stuff. We need to back up a little bit. We weren’t ready for this. We need to return to those days, and do things differently. Wkdw lv wkh Vhfrqg DG uhyroxwlrq.
== V&D visualized ==
The tree of AD. And a branch is growing off of it. The branch is V&D wiki. Oh, it breaks off, landing on the ground. It grows into it’s own tree - just another part of AD history, and how V&D began.

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