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Miners just blocked me for 68 years because of a prank involving impersonation of ICan’tEdit (and swastikas), however the issue was resolved

hi! I am Fuzzo the fuzzy bee, an extremely autistic user with anxiety and anger issues. This user doesn’t want to harm anybody but gets really aggressive when angered, and does get angered pretty easily. Fuzzo is a mobile user and also is basically both smart and stupid at the same time. Fuzzo also is constantly shifting between being an introvert and an extrovert, and is always a little bit of both, although the introvert part is almost entirely exclusive to talking to people IRL. I am also very odd and strange and wierd and ridiculous. Talk to me at your own risk.

very dangerous danger!

1 singular spaghetti noodle is called a spaghetto. I’m not even joking! This is actually a real thing!’s_testicle_Wiki is my test wiki that I use for tests, so... yeah.

1. You use more than 10% of your brain. Sure, you don’t use 100%, but you use more than 10%.

2. Christopher Columbus wasn’t trying to prove that the world was round, he was trying to prove that the world was small. It was larger than he thought.

3. vikings never wore spiked helmets. It would basically make them weaker. They wore helmets, but the helmets had no spikes.

note: all text here is true, and they are not common misconceptions. They are just proving common misconceptions wrong.


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apple User:Fuzzo the fuzzy bee/the beehive

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100 Boodle, are you out of your mind!?


Well, I run on f u e l. The f u e l empowers all of my stuff. I have 3 types of fuel: memeability, activity, and chorge. Chorge is obtained by plugging me into an alternate reality. Memeability is how much I can be memed about, and I use it as fuel. Activity is gained when I edit. If I run out of f u e l, somebody named icebot will cause me to get chorge. F u e l is also used a lot when I’m angry or sad or something.

I am sitting on you, so <insert name here> is under me! I hope I don’t crush them... dodo birds :D



TO DA GREAT BEAR! :) hehehehehehehehehehehehehheehheehheehheehhheeehhheeeHEHEHE


  • SpinozillaAegyptus
  • Endoram
  • Miners


  • Glitchy999 (The only person I never remember getting really angry at and insulting, and also we are also actually friends)

AD contest

User:Fuzzo the fuzzy bee/ADontest


My OC (Fuzzo, a Fuzzy bee)

Me up for adoption before I was adopted by the king of Hivelandia (no that does not mean I’m legally his son and therefore I’m not legally his heir)

Why was I up for adoption?

My parents don’t exist and haven’t existed since never.

Am I still obese

Yes, I am still obese. Unnoticeably more obese than in that image.

How do I exist if you don’t have parents?

I don’t know. Interesting question.

What are my powers?

Extreme pollination and total domination Flying and also, by extension, not dying upon stinging something (which is probably important).

Fighting in several wars

  • The first war I fought in was the BU vs. AD war. On that war, I was actually with BU. I first fought in the battle of the box, where we attacked the box page on AD. I fought against Ice and Chalkosis in that battle, and injured Chalkosis but Ice was too strong and injured me. The next time I got to fight in was the battle of Pitch Black, where I fought off Glitchy999. AD ended up winning that war.
  • The second war I fought in was the AD revolutionary war. I was on AD’s side. It was AD vs. the emerging VaD wiki that was trying to get independence. Many users on this wiki were on VaD’s side, and I managed to barely fight off BestNoobReborn and I then got to face ICan’tEdit again (the one who injured me in the BU vs. AD war), and this time I was better at fighting and won. That happened in the battle of the bongus. I fought again in the Verse battle, where I fought off VoidsansXD and then barely got past Miner. Then, LeftUnknown ran at me, and we fought for a while, then LeftUnknown threw me into the FedExverse. VaD ended up winning the war, and that’s why it is it’s own wiki.

FANDOMverse (lore)

User:Fuzzo the fuzzy bee/FANDOMverse lore

Exist File

Ok... Basically everything has this file and it can be edited by pepperidge farms and the collective. The file can ybinubdfji


  • Buy error apples for €#(‘m\{>*);^}\§ now

I am in ownership of this chain:

  • Pepperidge farm<Ultimate ToGs<ToG hierarchy thingy<Pre-wiki
  • Pepperidge farm>Fuzzo
  • Fuzzo<Greenlandic Empire
  • You

Hauaj, worhip te grehe gû. By that I mean we worship Bad guyz

Hue hue hue börk börk börk kurwa