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Formerly founder of AD (2012 2020)

Hey, guys. It's me, Googleaarex.


I will not forget to remove that historic photo.

As you know me, I created this wiki in 2012. this wiki have achieve 2,496 articles since 2012. This was aimed to be a fanon cosmology wiki. Unfortunately, it became trash in around 2016...

During that garbage period, I was a contributor of Verses and Dimensions Wiki. Then I unexpectedly left in 2018.

After the co-creator took over in 2020... I realized everything was changed. And in May 2021, I recognized that rebrand and came back.

Let's hope this trash moment doesn't happen again.

In May 2021, I made the Hierarchy of Everything for quick exploration for the starters. Check it out at another page.

In June 2021, I temporarily stepped down from administrator to member, due to controversies in few days ago.


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  • Battle For Dream Island (since 2011)
  • Cookie Clicker (since 2014)
  • Fanmade content for existing fanfics (since 2014)
  • Incremental Games (since 2014)
  • Undertale (since 2015)
  • Bill Wurtz (since 2015 or 2016)
  • Antimatter Dimensions (since 2017)
  • Juke's Towers of Hell (since 2018)
  • All my friends (All of them aren't affiliated with this wiki)
  • A lot of random YouTube videos, but not weird
  • High-effort memes


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Improvised / Remade

Old AD era (2012 2020)

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Where am I?

Civilization: Acrena

I live in Acrena civilization, which people mostly discover, explore, and research for mysteries and unseen cosmological objects. Currently, Acrena in a portion of our Cetaverse.

You might think Acrena is boring, but it is not. Acrena has discovered couple breakthroughs for Grey Holes.

  1. It is actually a kind of wormholes which gravity doesn't distort.
    • This is also a breakthrough for wormholes, because wormholes make spacetime hypobolic.
    • Therefore, it is actually safe, unlike wormholes, which are dangerous due to spaghettification.
  2. When one was formed, another one will be formed immediately at another universe.
    • Due to that statement, it contains the 4th dimension from Multiverses, which is looped in all Universes.
    • Also, the singularity looks like another universe, not a grey color.
  3. Physics partially combine together inside grey holes, until they reach the center, where physics are fully combined.
  4. When Grey Holes hit a place inside other Grey Holes, that point connects to there.

There are more to come soon. Currently, Acrena is finding Subexistions for another breakthrough. It is like having endless breakthroughs each time Acrena discovers an unknown object.

Aleis Planet

Currently, I live in a place called Aleis. It is a world filled with cliffs and mountains at a really cold temperature and a windy weather. It was hit by cold disasters and avalanches until 2019. The sunset is eternal in there and it seems it doesn't produce heat.

The Icosahedron of Aarexton

I live in a icosahedron room in a gigantic, futuristic icosahedron apartment. You might except that this apartment is normal, but fully made of icosahedrons, but it is not.

  • The lobby has a half-icosahedron interior.
  • All hallways have a triangular prism interior.
  • The elevator have a cubic interior.

Also, to make this apartment creative and cool:

  • The interiors from some rooms have only triangles, but don't form icosahedrons.
  • There are 5 elevators, with the arrangement of a pentagon, and connecting with points on the exterior.
  • The pathways also go around the vertical cross-section of the exterior.
  • All rooms are in the interiors and all windows are on the exteriors.
  • You might see a display on all doors, which you can watch vertical lines fly through.
    • It seems those lines always go from left-to-right before looping back.
      • When you open a door, a satisfying moment happens: Horizontal bars split and open up.
        • It starts at the center and ends with both vertical ends.
  • Below the lobby, there is a gallery where you can interact with floating toys.
    • There are many unique toys in this gallery, with more to come frequently.
  • The exterior is black and contain scattered, horizontal neon bars. There are also vertical lines, but they all connect with horizontal lines and ends.
  • At the top half of this apartment, it is actually the core, powering by a pair of parallel, colorful lasers, each ends at a floor or a ceiling.
  • There is a common color sequence for this apartment: yellow, white, black, green, and then back to yellow.
    • Display doors and exterior lines have this color sequence.