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Can you solve the time travel riddle? - Dan Finkel

Your internship in Professor Ramsey’s physics lab has been amazing. Until, that is, the professor accidentally stepped through a time portal. You've got just a minute to jump through the portal to save him before it closes and leaves him stranded in history. Once you're through it, the portal with close and your only way back will be to create a new one using the chrono-nodules from your lab. Activated nodules connect to each other via red or blue tachyon entanglement. Activate more nodules and they'll connect to all other nodules in the area. As soon as a red or blue triangle is created with a nodule at each point, it opens a doorway through time that will take you back to the present. But the color of each individual connection manifests at random, and there's no way to choose or change its color. And there's one more problem: each individual nodule creates a temporal instability that raises the chances that the portal might collapse as you go through it. So the fewer you bring, the better. The portal's about to close. What's the minimum number of nodules you need to bring to be certain you'll create a red of blue triangle and get back to the present? Comment on this page if you want to figure it out yourself!

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The answer is a 90-degree rotated unfinished drawing of pac-man eating a tic-tac