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  • I live in leftunknownverse
  • I was born on July 21
  • My occupation is anarcho posaidism
  • I am deleting bad pages and improving others, i have deleted over 200 pages
tea with honey3 and garlic3

(update 10) predictions:

2,000 pages: 17th September 2019 \reached!\ thx 4 edit wifi went out i didnt get to see it :[

3,000 pages: 4th December 2019 \reached!\ holy shit you did it you madman

4,000 pages: 17th June 2022

5,000 pages: 29th December 2024

-v- stupid goals lol -v-

6,000 pages: 13th July 2027

7,000 pages: 23rd January 2030

8,000 pages: 6th August 2032

9,000 pages: 18th February 2035

10,000 pages: 31st August 2037

July 2018 - 1000 pages (miners estimate, source:

fun fact: 17.9 - 2000 pages, 30.9 - 2100 pages. 100 pages in 13 days, not even 2 weeks, holy frickverse (2000th page)

8.10.2019 - 2222 pages, that's incredible!

6.11.2019 - 2500 pages, "almost" there! in fact, we reached 2k in 17.9 and 2.5k in 6.11, thats 500 in 50 days. 100 pages in 13 days? how about 10! i remember in late 2018 when there were 300 pages in the verse category, now we made around twice that in less than 2 months, this is crazy :o

20.11.2019 - 3,000 edits, incredible (december lunky here: what does this even mean someone pls help) (february yellow here: it means you reached 3000 edits on pages since you made 3000 edts youre welcome for the help)

26.11.2019 (7PM) - 2900 pages, thats 400 in just 20. Over twice as fast as when we reached 500 in 50 days.

4.12.2019 (11:30 PM) - 3000 pages, thats a lot lol, idk what leftunknown will say here so its up to him for editing this, also see 3000th page!!

15.12.2019 (3:47 PM) - 3141 pages, gg Miners!! Next time we hit 10^floor(x) * pi pages will be in (lowest estimate) Late august of 2024

20.12.2019 - 3210 pages, gg Yellow!! Next time we get a countdown will be 43210 pages (or 4321)

5.1.2020 - We have dropped bellow 3000 pages, this is because bad pages are all being redirected to the home page, I myself have done around 200!

9.1.2020 - I reached 4444 edits and Miner reached 5000 edits at once! GG

Pages im planning on creating:

Finality index (still wip since i have to give it limitations, but in any way, it outgrows the eusi index instantly)

A shape chain akin to the Imaginary prefixes or the Terminal prefixes (i already know what the prefix is but not saying it since someone will "steal" it)

A normal verse chain - a chain with verses similiar to the ones i made in 2018, in other words, simple original verses

Some verses with high eusi ranks

Negative size verses

Extremely small verses

Verses whose sizes are neither positive nor negative but something else (imaginary, quaternions, octonions...)

Some other chains i cant mention because someone will take them aaa (tip: it has to do with time)

Versility index

Just some normal verses, really

Unimaginably large verses (thanks to the finality index, you can make incomprehensibly massive verses)

Bucket list (ordered in terms of long it will take, where 10 = a year minimum, to 1 = a day - the scale is linear):

Make something popular with alldimensions (10+) [something is already wip]

Witness the creation of the 3,000th and 5,000th pages (10+)

Fixing every single page (10+)

Reclaiming the 1st spot (10)

Getting 10 lucky edits (10)

Write a novel / fiction book about verses (7)

Fixing the sizes and containments on all pages (7)

Correcting all chain verses (4)

Getting bureucrat status (2.5)

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