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Hello! I am an ex bureaucrat and ex admin of the AD wiki.

I make articles that are more formal than average pages, I delete spam and warn users. Sometimes I fix pages, but I'm mostly active in the discord, with the rest of the community, unless I start doing something major, like many edits at once or something.

tea with honey3 and garlic3

The Earth compared to the Dodo Homeworld 666 from Learn to Fly Idle

(update 10) predictions:

2,000 pages: 17th September 2019 \reached!\ thx 4 edit wifi went out i didnt get to see it :[

3,000 pages: 4th December 2019 \reached!\ holy shit you did it you madman

I decided to remove the predictions, as they are very inaccurate and dont really work when hundreds of pages are being deleted, which messes with the predictions

July 2018 - 1000 pages (miners estimate, source:

28.5.2019 - MinersHavenM43's first adoption request was denied

28.9.2019 - MinersHavenM43's second adoption request was denied

fun fact: 17.9 - 2000 pages, 30.9 - 2100 pages. 100 pages in 13 days, not even 2 weeks, holy frickverse (2000th page)

A comparison of Earth, Dodo Homeworld 666, Needle's Cake (from BFDI) and our Sun

8.10.2019 - 2222 pages, that's incredible!

6.11.2019 - 2500 pages, "almost" there! in fact, we reached 2k in 17.9 and 2.5k in 6.11, thats 500 in 50 days. 100 pages in 13 days? how about 10! i remember in late 2018 when there were 300 pages in the verse category, now we made around twice that in less than 2 months, this is crazy :o

19.11.2019 - I sent an adoption request, but it was denied by staff

20.11.2019 - 3,000 edits, incredible (december lunky here: what does this even mean someone pls help) (february yellow here: it means you reached 3000 edits on pages since you made 3000 edits youre welcome for the help)

26.11.2019 (7PM) - 2900 pages, thats 400 in just 20. Over twice as fast as when we reached 500 in 50 days.

4.12.2019 (11:30 PM) - 3000 pages, thats a lot lol, idk what leftunknown will say here so its up to him for editing this, also see 3000th page!!

15.12.2019 (3:47 PM) - 3141 pages, gg Miners!! Next time we hit 10^floor(x) * pi pages will be in (lowest estimate) Late august of 2024

5.1.2020 - We have dropped bellow 3000 pages, this is because bad pages are all being redirected to the home page, I myself have done around 200!

9.1.2020 - I reached 4444 edits and Miner reached 5000 edits at once! GG

5.3.2020 - Finaly, after half a year of a constant battle, V&D members finally managed to convince tony to stop disagreeing with adoptions!

9.3.2020 - Yellowmarkers1' adoption request was denied by staff

1.4.2020 (5:08 PM) - Beyonder creates a (now deleted) blog post detailing how he will become the bureaucrat of this wiki. 3.4.2020 - Nobody agrees with him (blog), so he abuses his admin priviledges to change the apearance of the wiki and do changes without the consent of users. He quickly changes his opinion after recieving backlash severe backlash from the entire V&D community and tries to play it off as a joke.

11.4.2020 - Cheetahrock63's adoption request was denied by staff

12.4.2020 - 4.12.2019 we reached 3000 for the first time, 5.1.2020 we dropped below 3000 for the first time, during this time until 2.2.2020, we got 3000 pages 2 times, 8.4.2020 is the last known time of a 3000 reaching (Mortal 'Lectron and The Parasite of Logic), but just 2 days later on 10.4.2020, me and yellow deleted around 200 pages and brough the total down below 2900 pages!

11.5.2020 (17:30 GMT), Cheetahrock63's adoption request, the seventh in the series, has been approved and allowed bureaucrat position. For the first time in years, AD has been set independent from its old guard, and can freely self-govern itself and deal with currenty issues.

Pfp 3.png

13.2.2022 (21:27 UTC) - I removed my bureaucrat and admin priviledges and bid a farewell to the current AD community, and to the future AD community that may come along one day. May the bird's call guide you.

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Pages im planning on creating:

  • Section 1:

Finality index (still wip since i have to give it limitations, but in any way, it outgrows the eusi index instantly)

A normal verse chain - a chain with verses similiar to the ones i made in 2018, in other words, simple original verses

Some verses with high eusi ranks

Verses whose sizes are neither positive nor negative but something else (imaginary, quaternions, octonions...) ((hypercomplex numbers are still positive or negative you fucking idiot))

Versility index

Unimaginably large verses (thanks to the finality index, you can make incomprehensibly massive verses) [only mentioned the finality index, thus this is technically done]

  • Section 2:

Pages about canon (so far [22.2.21] ive described 25 planned-in-the-future canon concepts, but i want more)

Describe our Multiverse

Useful pages which describe commonly used concepts

Go into detail in common concepts, such that others can do it also (ie: describe some archverses in detail and in composition such that it allows others to expand upon the canon) (Did this with our multiverse and metaverse, likely wont do our xenoverse, as its way too broad)

Expand upon the "History of the Bodhean Civilization" page until others can do the same

Make a very long chain of verses, but every single one is in one page

Take every article concept from my notepad on my phone and turn it into a page (i already did this once and it was in early 2019)

Go into detail on some less common concepts or even some more complex things (existence and nonexistence already have detailed descriptions, now i wanna make superexistence (2) subexistence (-1) and short stuff about others, like the fact that 4s and 5s attract each other)


Bucket list (ordered in terms of long it will take, where 10 = a year minimum, to 1 = a day - the scale is linear):

Make something popular with alldimensions (10+) (i have plans to make a large book about recreational cosmology and topics / concepts found therein, as currently, they are just totally scattered. a scale of everything is currently in the works, including thousands of objects, which includes basically all of AD and any size-measurable objects i found on other wikis, however, kind of stuck with making illustrations as im in the animals stage and i hate drawing animals. it is also likely i make an object show themed around AD, as i have a general idea of what i want to do)

Fixing every single page (10+)

Reclaiming the 1st spot (10)

Getting 10 lucky edits (10) (i have 6 currently)

Write the Tales of Infinity (9) [2 out of 30 are done]

Fixing the sizes and containments on all pages (8)

Delete all bad pages (7) [thousands of home page redirects are deleted, most extended archverses are deleted, ilgvars old chain is deleted, some barrel pages were deleted, i went through the entirety of special:allpages from september to october resulting in 500 pages being deleted, a bunch of old chains were deleted, like the orbs, the chain which the page of my first ever comment belongs to, etc. this means im mostly done]

Correcting all chain verses (4)


Destroy the many worlds interpretation (?)

Kickstart another editor wave (?)

Watch the page count drop bellow 2000 (?, ethically: 8 - 10+ or it could even be impossible, practically: 6 - 7, theoretically: 2)