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Though these pages are spam and I want them deleted, I want to put them here


This could destroy the alienverse! That could happen any second!

Doves cooing

Category:The creator
Category:Doves cooing

Field cloud terraquark complex

it´s a cloud of protection of reality and outher outher dimensions imaginary like that imaginary verse but not all

Category:Do you know that the farmer and the owner of the farm have a lot to do with the water and the water on the ground

*Page Deleted*

The Complete Hierarchy/@comment-44260893-20200410141957

OK, listen to me here.

This might seem like a ludicrous thought, but please just follow along with me.

I want to delete this page.

And there are many reasons why. While this page seems to show the entire hierarchy from smallest to largest, it doesn't really, as there are so many different hierarchies and some of these aren't even connected, so it becomes very confusing which verses are connected to each other and where the "main" hierarchy is in this page. There are so many subcategories that really don't mean anything since you can throw a verse in there without any thought and it would just be there, even though it isn't part of the "main" hierarchy at all. It really doesn't help that this page is HUGE, making it really difficult to find the correct pages in The Complete Hierarchy.

This leads into the next problem: this page is edited so much by so many different users, and that just makes this page a mishmash of different users' hierarchies so the whole page becomes a mess. We all have our different takes on hierarchies so having one page where all of us put them is simply just messy and it isn't organized at all. It would work much better if we could decide to create our own hierarchy pages, similar to TMHYE and TJH, since then we could place our own hierarchies there without any interruption or hybrids.

Despite the messiness, though, this page is considered the central page to so many users, and some even go as far to think that a page isn't even canon unless it is listed in The Complete Hierarchy. This honestly feels very wrong as that means that more people will edit this page to make pages "canon" which only makes this page more messy. Plus, having a central page really doesn't make sense, as AD is a very broad wiki so you can really do whatever cosmology you want, as long as it has effort put into it.

So, in conclusion, I feel like I should definitely delete this page. But what do you think? Please leave me your thoughts in the reply section. I really want to delete this but I don't want to do it without appropriate community agreement.

1960 Pages

We are now closed.

"Sorry, but 1960 Pages has brain disease, of level ∞" - Doctor
1960 Pages sadly has level ∞ brain disease, and if it is at least 3, oh boy, that means it is very, very, very bad.
If ∞ ≥ 3, then please delete the page or make it better. If ∞ < 3, then just make it better, without deletion.

Category:Go battle pokemon.
Category:Just FYI, the missile got mad at this wiki for stealing the text referring to it and replacing the word "Missile" with "Verse" and also not doing the correct version of the meme in question and also is mad at how long this category name is.
Category:Pages created by jacknejllify


Null is someone’s cosmetic entity. aka Itissougly. IS THIS UGLY? ⬇️

Category:Cosmic entity

After Realm

a realm

Infinty is...... finite!?

we all imagine infinity as well infinite but someone actully crossed an infinite room and we figured out that infinity is not infinite its just very very big 10^100000 to be exact and that means yes grams number is bigger then infinity it was a suprise to all of us.

My scale

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~ Is  an one million unit `is an one million unit |i a an this number unit • is an biges T finite number unit √ is indefinite π  that is trans election infinite one million million infinite ÷ is plex it is one million million million infinite  Assad × that is God it's this number continents ¶ that is worms it is biggest finite number do infer infinity infinite infinity s ∆ that is ultra infinite the size of the blue void £ that is Tim Tim is an big number ¢ that is vent it is the size of nnexua ¥  that is big 101 size of the after time ^ that is you it is the size of the supper end ° that is meme it is the size of size siZe  = that is everything no doubt { that is omggodlovefunbusthgev Rocky pants infinite kind } Tim \that is the size of the end end ©that is the size of the xeno end end  ® that is the size of the ultimate end ™that is shbwh Findlay skid well shop e.g. ℅ rhat is the size of the two omega mega end [ size of insantotera end ] size of last end ¡size of the end verse ¿

Size of the omgahhhverse

Category:Pages with broken file links

The internet 2.0?!??!?!?!

2.0g internet has a lot of properties like

  • it's used in the leftunkknownverse
  • its also used in the igadastroekeverse
  • this was an idea by leftunknown
  • he hates it
  • the end
  • Shamp woovers

Category:Miner's Pages
Category:Bad article
Category:We worship Aarex not Jesus
Category:Baddest article in the west

The number of impossble (whatever that means)

This is not 0 or an imaginary number or even a complex number or a transfinite number, those are numbers are not impossible. You could say that this is n/0, but that is defined and could be an actual number system if somebody thinks hard enough about it. Various societies have tried to calculate it but any definition made nonsense like 2+2=5 or 42=43. Some have tried using null or nan but that doesn't work and instead makes 1 not even a number. Various groups have figured out that such a number cannot be defined or real, imaginary, complex, transfinite, hypercomplex, infinitesimal, p-adic or even some other number system that I forgot about. This number is impossible and we cannot give it a definition yet.

Category: Bad