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I made the Möbiverse hyperchain and some stuff that contains it (like the SAV), that's really the only notable thing I've done. I also began The Final Verse poll (which became TTW in the end). I also have 200 Brownie points.

List of blog posts I wish were pages

Blog posts/pages that still need work

Failed pages worth mentioning

Adding to my pages/chains

I usually have what pages are coming next planned out before I create them, so don't add to my chain unless I say that you can. You can make other verses contain mine and branch off from there, but the main thing I'm saying is just don't extend my chain when I don't want you to.

My chains

I've made 3 chains as of right now, with the first being the large Möbiverse Hyperchain, which was my original chain. The other two chains are currently in progress, being an extension of the Möbiverse Hyperchain, and the other being me trying to finish The Extended Hierarchy with Harris Wright.

I'm completely fine for you adding to my Extended Hierarchy pages, but please ask for permission before adding another page to the other two. I usually plan these out in advance, but making pages takes time.

Using my images

My images have been used in pages that I didn't create (like in Funy Entities), but I'm completely fine with it as long as you don't try and make it seem like you created the image (like reuploading it as your own image or saying that you made it in the actual page).

How I make my images

There are 2 main ways that I create my images, but both start with an initial idea of what I want an image to look like. The first way is to find transparent images that will be able to work in whatever image you're creating. Then use multiple of them together, recolor it, crop it, do whatever you want with it until you've got something you're happy with that's not just the original transparent image. I try to make my images original, but I usually use things that originally weren't made by me.

The toruchain is an example of this. I took two transparent images of tori, and cropped and stretched them in just the right way so they looked like they were linked together.

The second way is to just use programs or just completely original stuff that's available in your photo editor to make your images. Some examples of these are the SAV and The Icosadakonic Meicosahendon.

Just recently I started using to make my images.

This was made using an external program, but in an original way.

The SAV was only used with the software I use to create my image, and no other external resources.

My history on the wiki

I actually joined the wiki around 2018 with a different account name (this was before Miner's chain was finished), but I sort of forgot about it. I found the wiki again around October 2020, and I began making the Möbiverse after some planning (fun fact: the moquarks used to be called mobiwarks) up to but not including the Torus Chain, which was originally called the Curveverse.



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The Gallery

I have a lot of photos. They are all here:

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