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The idea here is that everyone on the wiki can work together to help create The Final Verse, instead of people voting on candidates. The subfinal verse has to be created before anything can be decided yet, so we'll need to wait to possibly use this option, and all the community can help create The Final Verse!

Reasons why this is better than having candidates

1. You can include your ideas

If we vote on candidates, then only one person's idea will ever be The Final Verse. However, if this is a community project, if you have an idea (that doesn't contradict other parts of the page, but we could split the verse into sections anyway) then you can include it! That also means that The Final Verse will never need to be fully finished, although the same can't be said about having candidates

2. Nobody is disappointed about their verse not being The Final Verse

If you make a candidate for The Final Verse and you don't win, you would obviously be disappointed, and you will never have the chance to ever have your verse be The Final Verse. If everyone can contribute, then the fact that you can add to The Final Verse can make that not disappointing (see reason 1)

3. Terrible 'i had the original idea' thing

Look back at the history of The Extended Hierarchy. I (Plasmath) had the original idea to have a Final Verse instead of back to back to reality, which wouldn't exactly be the same, would it? The original idea I had for The Final Verse was this exact thing, but I don't want to be the person who says that they win because they had the idea for it.

4. Lore and larger hierarchy potential

If you want to create a new verse chain, but don't want to have to start with really small verses, a community project would be a great place to build off of, or if you just want to create a verse but don't know where to put it, a community would be great for that! However, candidates would not be able to do this, mostly due to it being made by one person.

Find the (current) project page here!