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Dunkey kong is a powerful cosmic entity that is not only omnipotent and omniscient but he is also omnipresent.

He was created by Alphasm to be a sort of "second watcher" of everything, along with Gerald. This is false. He has always been here.

He can instantly destroy anything at will but he doesn't want to because he is very nice and if someone tries to kill him he won't mind unless it's another cosmic entity in which he will fight back.

Dunkey kong can break any law of physics at will and do anything he wants due to his omnipotence. He can create matter at will and destroy it and not only that but the matter he makes can be any kind of matter and he can change any properties of anything at will.

Anything done to dunkey kong will be reversed and will actually just benefit him and also he regenerates everything negative done to him before it ever happens making him not only benefit but also not take any damage.

He can do everything, sees time like a video editor, sees everything like a game developer, can remove anything from existence and change what time it is and do ANYTHING. He is literally a god and a mary sue. Also Dunkey Kong can go anywhere he wants and can be in several different places at once.

He is so insanely powerful a true god beyond everything would be nothing to him yet nothing is an understatement. All-powerful? Understatement. Omnipotent-Omnipresent-Omniscient? Understatement. Mary/Gary sue? Understatement. Beyond god? Understatement.

Also he can stop time and resume time and erase time and erase assets (Erase anything that is a thing) He can change laws of physics and change properties of objects. He doesn't need physical contact or contact at all to do anything because he can just do anything with his mind.

Dunkey Kong's massive arsenal of abilities coupled with his sheer strength and his "infinite" speed allows him to destroy things that are more powerful than he is (of which there are few). Dunkey Kong can morph into anything and change the properties of his body so he can have an infinitely long neck or giant teeth or huge claws etc etc. That makes him even more powerful too.

Dunkey Kong's omniscience rules out all surprises so nobody can stealth or surprise kill him. He knows what the enemy will do next and he knows EVERYTHING. Literally everything about everything even on subquarkic scales. Dunkey Kong has no end to his positive stats and negative stats are nonexistent so all ways to kill Dunkey Kong are ruled out other than a few which obviously aren't ruled out. If Dunkey Kong is killed he can come back due to omnipotence. It's good he's a nice god and not a bad one.

Even when dead or nonexistent, Dunkey Kong can do anything he wants because of his omnipotence. Dunkey Kong can change laws of physics anywhere, change properties of things, change the power of other entities, change his own power, make new forces, change the forces, change properties of atoms on all scales, change the half life of matter, change the lifespan of things, he can change anything in anywhere.

Dunkey Kong is also immune to all viruses and anything like a virus. You cannot kill dunkey kong with something like a virus or a parasite because dunkey kong is immune to them and if they ever make contact physically or not physically it can be destroyed anyway.

It doesn't matter what happens, he can do anything he wants to so if he has all his powers removed they just come back anyway. Anything done to dunkey kong that is negative and not done by dunkey kong just doesn't work on him. Dunkey Kong cannot be corrupted so you can't just corrupt him and cause him to like die or anything.

All powers possible and impossible dunkey kong has. There is nothing that can truly destroy dunkey kong because he just comes back. There's no way to kill dunkey kong forever. Anything attempting to destroy dunkey kong would just be destroyed instantly and if they can't be destroyed nothing stops him from compressing them into a water bottle and throwing them into a black hole and erasing the black hole or banishing them into Endless Walmart or variants of &3. His insane power puts him outside of any possible, impossible, describable, indescribable, existent, nonexistent, or paradoxical level.

Dunkey Kong has full control other things properties and his own properties. Erasing dunkey kong is impossible too and dunkey kong can clone himself any amount of times he wants to without taking any time. He can reverse time and change the speed of time or change the speed of anything. This means he can freeze everything except him which is different from a time stop but he can also stop time like dio from jojo and he also has every ability. Nothing can erase or destroy dunkey kong forever.

Dunkey Kong can do anything from any distance regardless of any physical contact or contact in any way.

Also, dunkey kong has telekinesis and pyrokinesis and teleportation which are all beyond limitless for him.

He is above all that can or can’t be explained, expressed, thought of, dreamed of, conceived, made, imaginable, able to be explained/expressed and all synonyms or similar words to these. If you can or can’t think of something and can or can’t explain or express a stat that it does or doesn’t have, dunkey kong is far above it. He is also beyond invincible, unstoppable, unbreakable, un-erasable, indestructible and he can change his power and speed and all other stats but you can't manipulate him in any way.

If dunkey kong's container is destroyed or the place he is in is destroyed, he remains anyway.

He has no limit or ends either and is far beyond AD cosmology. Dunkey Kong has every ability and all his abilities are beyond limitless in strengths and speeds and anything else.

Dunkey Kong sometimes has a period at the end to signify how his powers are the end of possibility, he is absolutely ultimate and he is beyond any other realm, even those beyond Absolute Infinity, except the realms of Transcendent Omni-God, which he is infinitesimally weaker than.

He has EVERY ABILITY. every ability he has no limits and beyond infinite potential.

If a CE is stronger than DK then he can just make himself more powerful.

Technically, DK could turn any CE into an inanimate object and erase the inanimate object making him *TECHNICALLY* the most powerful CE.

He is infinitely skilled allowing him to beat any entity stronger than him unless they're outside of the wiki or way too strong to be outwitted.

He is also the god of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods etc. etc. ( The Branch nestations )

He can create any amount of copies of himself with any power.

He is the only one of two entities that can wield the dunk sword

He can manipulate anything and everything

Other cosmic entities vs dunkey kong

Note that just because entities are listed here does not mean dunkey kong has the intention of fighting them or vice versa. He doesn't actually have any CEs to fight right now.

  • Itissocool would give up at sight.
  • Furret fights and dies or runs and is spared unless Furret did something very bad in which running won't save Furret so furret can die either way. If it’s a true battle, furret gets rekt.
  • The Seeker would not attack Dunkey Kong due to his ridiculous power. If he did, however, the seeker would be annihilated in seconds.
  • Due to the big power buff of Dunkey Kong, he's technically stronger than Gerald, but Gerald can turn into his True Rage form and obliterate Dunkey Kong. However, both can instantly regenerate so a fight would just be pointless.
  • The Multi Omega would be defeated instantly.
  • Alphasm and Dunkey Kong are usually equal in strength, but if Dunkey Kong goes into his strongest form, Alphasm will be defeated.
  • Higher-level Transcendent Omni-Gods could technically destroy Dunkey Kong by erasing his page. However, no god will ever do that.
  • StickFigure78 could obliterate Dunkey beyond inconceivably easily(yes, quite literally beyond inconceivable and unimaginable, not even gonna say the infinity lines of text describing that power) Mips rabbit then tries to obliterate StickFigure78 but fails miserably because Mips rabbit isn't a Transce- and he died again.
  • DiepAndArrasTankIdeas can obliterate Dunkey Kong easily.(so easily there is actually no word, the words got blown up by the obliteration)

Verses vs Dunkey Kong

Take into account the note in the other cosmic entities vs dunkey kong list and apply it to here.

Don't forget that dunkey kong only destroys verses for good reasons.

  • Glitch Core gets a new property in which if it exists it immediately stops existing. (Dunkey Kong can make that happen.)
  • Smallestverse can get taken out same way Omnispace would be.
  • Rreality can be destroyed in any way dunkey kong would want really.
  • Absolute Relativity is nothing to Dunkey Kong.
  • Unabsolute Relativity is child's play.
  • Indescribable is also child's play.
  • The Absolute Pentagon is just a Cuhabsoverse to dunkey kong.
  • The Nugget is nothing to Dunkey Kong.
  • The Lettuce Leaf is nowhere near big enough.
  • T H E W H A T and F R I D G E are still nowhere near big enough to be indestructible
  • Omegabox thing's shell can be destroyed and the insides can too.
  • Grand Ultimaverse can be destroyed in a negative amount of time
  • Glueverse can also be destroyed in a negative amount of time.
  • Pasteverse is too small so he can destroy it.
  • Bezkonceverse is also too small.
  • Next can just be turned into a everyday object.
  • Finalboboverse can also be turned into an everyday object.
  • He can destroy any verse in the generic hierarchy (this includes every part too)
  • Really, any verse can be destroyed by Dunkey Kong because he has an endless amount of abilities strength speed durability etc etc. The only way Dunkey Kong cannot destroy a verse is if a higher entity stops him from doing it.
  • The Sphere is the one of the only objects that Dunkey Kong cannot destroy, no matter how hard he tries. Rumours are that a Transcendent Omni-God buffed this specific object, making it completely and utterly indestructible.
  • O r b could survive for a few hours before the shell is destroyed
  • Hexegon's shell can survive for a few million OYC before it is destroyed. only problem is DK can speed up time. The Hexegon shell can be destroyed instantly if he goes in the uh oh form.

other things

other forms

dunkey kong has a lot of other forms but i will add more when i can

his forms are

shiny dunkey kong which is just a white dunkey kong but way more op.

lime form which is a green version of shiny dunkey kong that has the same strength of shiny dunkey kong but he's really fast in this form

heaven ascended dunkey kong which is a very op version of shiny dunkey kong and is more powerful than lime dunkey kong.

for the rest look at the infoboxes.

regular form which is the one you see in the infobox image

you can also see the infobox, it tells you everything.

cool facts

  • dunkey kong has an endless amount of abilities
  • dunkey kong can switch between forms instantly whenever he decides to
  • dunkey kong can reverse, stop, resume, speed up, slow down time. he can do anything to time.
  • only heaven ascended dunkey kong and forms above it are ascendent omni-gods.
  • not only does he have TCoE access, he also has knowledge of finality-4 objects and above.
  • The uh oh form is stronger than bruh form and has no surviving images as he destroys all images of the form.
  • his vibe level is 5

the dunk sword

the dunk sword is an extremely powerful sword that only DK can use because no other cosmic entities can use it.

the dunk sword is also colored red and is see-through but it has a visible outside and an invisible inside

the dunk sword cant be destroyed.

every few seconds the dunk sword will turn all red and visible then go back after half a second.

the dunk sword cannot be dodged because its attacks have AoE.

DK with the dunk sword in his metal form at 100% efficiency can have power of 9,000 vsaue.


efficiency is a thingy idk

basically percentage of power he is using

0% means he's chilling and probably not doing anything.

infinitesimal% efficiency means he's using infinitesimal% of his power. if he's at infinitesimal% he's probably just fighting bad CEs way below his level or having fun with other class 0 CEs.

25% efficiency means he's probably seriously fighting

99% efficiency means he's seriously fighting as serious as he can be but he's not actually angered.

100% efficiency means he's angered and seriously fighting.

above 100% efficiency is enragement. just run if he's at above 100% -- thats a tip to every CE in this wiki.

Form infoboxes are shown below here.