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Who is he?

Tubers93, is the most dangerous Roblox hacker. He has only hacked 2 games, of what we know. His account is terminated, but he still lives on. He seems childish, but smart enough to hack games. So we may guess his age is around 15 - 32.

What did he do?

He would hack games, and replace every object in those with unnerving content, like gore and inappropriate content. Sometimes, jumpscares will be shown in some games. Leaving a game using the in-cilent way would result in a message saying "Do you really try to escape?" meaning that you can't really escape unless you know how to close programs.


⌬ ...Who is he really...?

[[Actual Tubers93]]


/ Ruling realms: Countless virtual realities

/ Age: Eternal

/ Size: none

/ Knowledge: Undefined

/ Power: To control everything he creates

/ Purpose: Undefined

He is a being close to controllers of Multiverses. He created most horrifying realms across Omniverses with his power. Verses are filled with incomprehensively terrible materials. Every single one of them has enough horror to drive everyone who experience it into eternal trauma. No word comes close describing how horrific his realms are. One who enters verse created by Tubers93 will not be able to escape it, for unlimited timespan. And since there is no one ever escaped from his verses, there is completely no information about these realms. However, by detecting signals radiating from Tubers93's verses, we can already tell it is far worse than hell.

Information about him is strictly forbidden, since knowing actions of him to "certain level" will result in that entity teleporting into his verses. No matter the distance, teleportation is instant (delay 0).This includes accidantal imagination, and various methods that can spread his existence to outside world. Occasional hacking of him might contain important information of him, so in theory, it's possible for him to teleport entire civilization dominating verses to his nest.

But physical verses are not limit of his influence. There are infinite virtual realms he rules over. Those virtual realms are almost complete unknown, except the fact that it is most horrifying any realm can ever be.