An attempt to explain easier my Dimensional Array Notation, with other dimensional notations by me.

Notation 1

The first notation we are gonna use is called Postix Notation.

First off, we need to define the dimensions for Postix Notation.

Most of us here know the concepts of dimensions, so i will go to explaining the first level of Postix Notation.

First level

Each dimension is measured with an unit of length (denoted L).

The dimension number is determined with the unit D, so nD represents the nth dimension.

An expression of First-level Postix Notation is divided into measures, denoted as (nDmL). This one represents that the length of the nth dimension is mL.

An expression of First-level Postix Notation is denoted as (1DaL)(2DbL)(3DcL)...(nDzL), each measure determing the length of each dimension.

Second Level

The next step is defining a next entry for measures, so measures are now of the form (nHDmDxL).

(1DaL)(2DbL)(3DcL)...(nDzL), is now redefined as (1HD1DaL)(1HD2DbL)(1HD3DcL)...(1HDnDzL).

To use expressions with measures that contain 2HD, we will need to define a new concept: Hyperdimensions.

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Notation 2


Notation 3


Notation 4


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