First, let's define a chain.

A chain is a continued (either descending/ascending or left/right, or whatever) list of elements, each one separated with arrows (or a symbol, like lines like -, etc). They may be in categories or not, they may be divided into various elements at a point or not, etc.

But chains may be used to represent in different ways.

They may also start with various main objects, but those objects just create different chains.

Zoom Chain

The first and most obvious chain. It's used to represent things that are inside other things.

We start with an object, then it has one or more sub-elements, which are contained in the object. The sub-elements can have other sub-elements, which are contained into the main sub-elements. etc.

All other chains are derivated from this chain.

Power Chain

This chain is used to represent the power of each object.

The first element has absolute power over all of the rest of things, then the sub-objects will have control under their children, and they will have control over their children, etc.

Derivate Chain

Similar to the Zoom Chain, this chain is to represent subjects/etc that are derivated from other subjects/etc.

We start with an object, then the sub-objects of the main object are derivated from the main object, same with the sub-objects children, etc.

Extension Chain

This is a sub-type of chain. It's basically the Derivate Chain, but this time with extensions, not derivations.

Basically the sub-object of an object (sub-object or main object) is an extension of it's parent object, etc.

Extension means continuation, like it was a sequel of a movie. This relates most with Googology.

Other Chains

There may be other chains, but i have never heard about them. Tune in for updates.

Chain of Chains

Coming back soon, with a renewed chain!

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