Nowadays, The Box is getting more complex nowadays, especially after writing this blog:!%3F!%3F!!%3F

So what is the true answer of The Box. I have a theory (way better than just supercomplex non-sense information):


Yeah, some information from nowadays is true: The Box can not be escaped and it is the biggest thing. But according to this scenario, we know something wrong. The Box is not a self-containing thing because %100 of a structure can not be contained by itself or contains itself. So basic, right, the only knowledge you need to know is a bit vocabulary. Instead of self-cotaining definition, we actually need to use recontaining. That means The Box is expanding too (with dark matter?) but I am sure that is way faster than the expantion of our universe. That means cosmology world will come to an end with The Ultimate Rip event but that is gonna take a while.

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