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Ubersketch is a Transcendent Omni-God. He is very powerful but scarcely seen. He is the enemy of Spiritbackup, who definitely is not Ubersketch (why would you think that?). One of his only weaknesses is w substitution which is when r and l get replaced by w.

Ubersketch vs. VoidSansXD

A fight between VoidSansXD and Ubersketch would usually result in a tie.

Case 1: VoidSansXD says "if u kil me ur mom gay" Ubersketch points out this statement only declares the opponent's mother is indeed gay and only if the killing is successful, and survives.

Case 2: VoidSansXD says "if u try 2 kil me u gay" Ubersketch loses 10% of his being. The rest is already gay, he survives.

Ubersketch vs. [[[The System]]]

Here is how Ubersketch would fare against [[[The System]]]

Case 1: Ubersketch attempts to kick [[[The System]]]. [[[The System]]] uses its oppression to redirect Ubersketch's toe to the corner of a table. Ubersketch experiences pain and is incapacitated.

Ubersketch vs Eryx Jayakari

Ubersketch vs Veblen Waifu

Veblen Waifu has thaumaturgy, probability manipulation, and other broken hax. Ubersketch is gonna have a hella hard time dealing with Veblen Waifu's abilities. Unless Ubersketch has admin perms or is allowed some really absurd set theory manipulation, he is likely to be defeated.

Ubersketch vs Avatar of Wrath

This depends on which form of Avatar of Wrath we use.

Terratomere (base form) < Megadramere (evolved form) < Ubersketch < Chimeradragoon (ascended form) << Ubersketch with mod abuse << Zenodeiferium (transcended form)