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A larger version of The Double Existence. There is, however, still larger. It contains the Final Ring, but surprisingly, is the most stable thing in this pera-reality, tied with the other existences. our local Triple existence (one in the photo) is also strawberry flavored, but can also be lime, peanut, cookie, or chocolate flavored in other iterations of the triple existence.

Tier One The Existence Time and reality Time, Reality, and... The Other Thing MORE Bandiverse
Tier Two Blue Ring Red Ring Green Ring Yellow Ring The Double Existence Orange Ring Purple Ring Pink Ring Brown Ring Cyan Ring White Ring
Tier Three Grey Ring Black Ring Gamma Ring X-Ring Ultraviolet Ring Light Ring Infrared Ring Microwave Ring Radio Ring Final Ring The Triple Existence
Tier Four The Quadruple Existence Cceh Kceh The Big Bignoseverse DDonut ??? The Great Tesseractagonverse