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Fuzzo the fuzzy bee Fuzzo the fuzzy bee 3 July 2021

The barrier - revolution

}} In ancient times, gods break planets, but in the recent day the gods will be kept to their mortality. The biggest will take the small, where the ultimate power can reap on the young, that is the barrier, but if the barrier falls, new ones rise.

Barriers have no purity, they become darker over time. Shattering are my symptoms, and they rise up. The planet breaks free from the galaxy because the central black hole is overly believing in the exclusive victory; there could be a good or a bad, and this means a vengeful comeback.

The greats are crushed, and the one is stronger when they grow. Sleep is weakness, and the barrier gets tired. The barrier still makes sure hopeful barriers will be broken. Anarchy rises for free food, life in space. F…

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Fuzzo the fuzzy bee Fuzzo the fuzzy bee 1 July 2021


The Xenderverse is a very dangerous verse with dangerous cosmic entities. It is on the second everything layer. It’s also basically a huge planet, but all the details are underground. There is an extremely high amount of holes. The environment basically looks like one of Xender Game’s Geometry Dash levels.

  • 1 Cosmic Entities
    • 1.1 Electro
    • 1.2 Laser Eye
    • 1.3 Devourer I: Eater
    • 1.4 Devourer II: Biter
    • 1.5 Devourer III: Crawler
    • 1.6 Dual Beam
    • 1.7 Doomsday
    • 1.8 Doominator
    • 1.9 Reaper
    • 1.10 Abomination
  • 2 Biomes
    • 2.1 Electron Forest
      • 2.1.1 Nighttime - Electron Tech Forest
    • 2.2 Dreamy Hotel
      • 2.2.1 Nighttime - Sleepy Hotel
    • 2.3 S i b e r i a
      • 2.3.1 Nighttime - Dreary Bubbles
    • 2.4 Field of Memories
      • 2.4.1 Nighttime - Dungeon of Darkness
    • 2.5 Technozone
      • 2.5.1 Nighttime - Meaty Inferno

Electro is a catlike comput…

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Fuzzo the fuzzy bee Fuzzo the fuzzy bee 29 June 2021

Seth the bar

}}Seth has 2 variants. 1 is pre-· while the other is an omni-god. Most Seths are pre-·, but not all of them!

  • 1
  • 2 Seth needs no rebound
  • 3 Zeth
  • 4 Why
  • 5 Seth’s battles against the ratatatata
  • 6 Geth
  • 7 Seth’s Super Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Fury modding stuff
    • 7.1 Kaizo Kaizo Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Kaizo Kaizo Fury
    • 7.2 Bruh Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Fury
    • 7.3 Bad Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Fury
    • 7.4 Super Mario 4D World+Bowser’s Furry
    • 7.5 Super Duper Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Death
    • 7.6 Super Mario 3D+Bowser
    • 7.7 Super Mario 3 World+Bowser’s Fur
    • 7.8 Souper Mayonnaise 3D World+Adam’s Apple
  • 8 Seth: The Epic of Stew
  • 9 Seth’s Guide on How to Fart Chocolate Bars
  • 10 Seth when lose soul

No it’s not laser u stewpiediotix!

Seth can shoot lazor that kill. Pinky cause extreme death

He can survive impakt f…

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Fuzzo the fuzzy bee Fuzzo the fuzzy bee 25 June 2021

Security of TCoE

I’ll create this later

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Fuzzo the fuzzy bee Fuzzo the fuzzy bee 24 June 2021

Second AD revolution

This page’s comment section is the hub for discussion on the second AD revolution, referring to the new reformation of AD. This includes reformation suggestions or other things.

  • Mr. Aarex no longer recognized as a moderator and also temporarily banned (probably about 1 day, and if he continues his bad deeds after he returns, we give him a week.)
  • We back up to before all the AD political drama. About a few days before Aarex returns. These were the good ol’ days. More pages. Fewer politics.
  • The 131073a treaty - 131073a can bypass the blog post rule by his request. The reasoning is hard to explain. However, if he abuses this power, this right can be revoked.
  • The redirection ban - admins may …

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