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Dilly Dally Dog’s Domain is a section of the box that takes up 1/100 of it.

Dilly Dally Dog’s Domain is a region made of all the terrain conquered by Dilly Dally Dog and his army. His ‘projected’ territory is the entire Wikiverse, however this is impossible and will never happen since Dilly Dally Dog is not stronger than a ToG (obviously).

Several attempts have been made to conquer DDDD in the past since it would give a massive amount of power and land, but all attempts failed miserably.


  • Do not kill Dilly Dally Dog.
  • Do not break the laws.
  • Do not help the enemy.
  • Do not.


Dilly Dally Dog conquered 1/100th of the box the end!

Why tho

Because Dilly Dally Dog is OP.

Why though? Oh, yeah, ikiw noitpecnoc stac elttab and all souls...


Dilly Dally Dog