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Discord from the inside

A region of the wikiverse where certain ToGs visit and hang out. This is also where important ToG meetings take place.


During a ping

They hurt but also summon the ToG that you use it on, and there is also a @here ping which hurts and summons everybody in silico discord, role pings that summon everybody who plays a certain role, and @everyone pings that hurt and summon EVERYONE.

Light and dark mode

Light mode

Dark mode!


Different sections of discord for talking about certain things. They are divided into categories for various channels.


High-ranking ToGs can take another ToG’s server membership. However, that ToG can still rejoin. This serves as a punishment, but not really.


If you are a high-level ToG, you can prevent a ToG from entering a certain channel for a certain time, usually for breaking rules. This is used as a punishment!


It kicks the ToG but also prevents the ToG from rejoining for a certain amount of time. Used as a very severe punishment. Can only be done by high-level ToGs.

Server Membership

Basically, the ToG is in the server. If they enter the server, they gain this. They can’t enter the server without this; trying to do so results in a message asking if you want the membership... unless you are banned, in which you just can’t enter.


A higher ranking server membership, you have to pay a stupidly high amount every minute for this but you get a ton of bonuses.


Boxes are higher ranking people. They have some control over the server compared to the other people. If you ping the box role, well, it’s against the rules.

Mod Box

Moderator boxes are boxes with even higher rankimgs, and they have even more server control. It’s discouraged to ping Mod Box, but not as enforced as pinging box.

Extreme Mod Box

Even more authority! They are mod boxes but with absurd amounts of server control, and they have abilities such as banning people. This role is only given to people who are highly trusted by the community.

Ultimate Mod Box

Maximum authority. They have total and complete control over the server and are very powerful, so very few people are trusted with such a role.


The main server is the AD discord server, but you can exit the server and enter a new server, which will be smaller and have stuff of it’s own, as well as different roles and rules and everything.

Direct Message

A way you can privately talk with someone! Nobody else can see it unless you show it to them.


A mini-server that everyone can leave, add people to, change name, and change icon. You can make your own group easily, and you can’t change name in a group.


Green Dot

This means that you are in the server. Cool, huh?


This means that you are in the server, but you haven’t done anything in a while.

Red Dot With Line

Do not disturb. These people are in the server and have to set this manually; they are immune to pings.

Gray Circle

A circle that simply means you are not in the server right now. You can set this manually and still be there, so you can be secret!

Custom Status

You can make it say something.


A raid is where a bunch of cosmic gods that are about 1/3 the strength of a ToG all come and attack the server, breaking the rules and damaging the server. Raids are dangerous and the resulting mess takes quite a while to clean up, but fortunately raids are rare occurrences.


Some of the raiders are commanders, who strategize and do stuff against the server and are about as strong as a regular ToG. About 1/500 raiders are commanders.


Some commanders are generals, who strategize over the commanders. They are as strong as an administrative ToG. About 1/500 commanders are generals, meaning that 1/250,000 raiders are generals.

Large-Scale Raid

1/100 raids have up to 10x as many raiders. These are called large-scale raids.


The border is a big gray orb. It is very hard to break through, but you can easily teleport through it with no effort. From the inside, you can exit without teleporting by walking through the wall. There are several floating balls around it that have no purpose.

Unban and unmute

People who can ban and mute can also remove someone else’s ban or mute.

Special Particles

A particle that replaces 70% of Atoms. It has Pingles (not to be confused with Pringles) for electrons, Nitrum for protons, and Servims for neutrons. It is more stable than a regular atom and won’t explode if split. It’s also less unstable in every other way. Other than that, it’s pretty much just a more resilient atom.

They replace 90% of electrons in Discord Particles and 10% of electrons in atoms. Pingles are highly energetic and are also the most unstable particle in the Discord particle, being surprisingly unstable for something in a very stable particle.

A very energetic yet stable particle replacing 90% of protons in discord particles and 10% of protons in atoms. They fill you with power if you touch enough of them at once, but too many can burn you! They are everywhere but the amounts needed for both of those are absurd.

Replaces 90% of Neutrons in discord particles and 10% of neutrons in atoms. Nothing much to say here except for that they are ridiculously stable, being at about, say, if the stability of glitchonicite is -5, this is 5.

Minscords have a 20% chance to replace Gluons. They are much less sticky but are also larger. They also are a little longer than they are wide or tall. That’s very interesting. Nobody knows why that happens.

These have a 50% chance to replace Molecules. They, instead of having 70% of atoms as Discord Particles, have 95% of their atoms being Discord Particles. Mocelures are also larger and less stable, as well as being more dense. They are also spinning slowly.