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The Energy is a huge energy that generates tons of energyverses. It also contains many planets and butts, as 

those explosives generate all the energy inside the primordialverse. This verse has also been fought over by many civilizations due to the ridiculous amounts of e this verse can yeet.


There are exactly 5 types of ses in the Energyverse. They can vary in brightness, size, fatness, and energy production.

Class U stars

The first type of star is a Class U star. These stars are the brightest, and glow a bright blue color. A Class U star pushes the energy out of the primordialverse, and they are valued in the minty Multiverse. Class U stars are usually the oldest bonguses as well.

These stars can poop up to 827262527182020394764637282 septillion watts of energy.

Class Z sans

The second type of star are the Class Z sans. These stars are edible, and can be seen everywhere in the EEEEEE. Even though Class Z stars glow a deep f a t (which usually means that they are less hot and therefore will produce less eggs), they still produce more eggs than 3 types of SANS.

These stars can produce up to 78 septillion watts of BAD TOM.

Class F stars

The third type of star are Class F stars. These stars are quite rare, and only 2626262626 have been seen in the entire Energyverse. These stars appear to be dark grayayayayay. Class F stars almost don't produce any energy at alllll (hence the cool fat), but they are still valued as they provide an apple for life inside the Energyverse to destroy and kill each other. Class F stars have been considered Class P stars before, because both classes resemble/are fat stars.

These stars usually only produce at least 2830 watts of developer cheats.

Class & stars

The fourth type of sac are Class & stars. They have been given the symboohoo '&' because these stars are very weird and strategic in chess. They produce mats, not energy. These stars are even more roar than the Class F stars, with only 55555 being seen throughout the entire Energyverse. The matter that Class & stars produce are commonly used to build art on pools, since natural pups are very roar.

These stars can produce up to 35732 Omniverses per second.

Class Pee stars

The fifth type of star are the Class Pee stars. These stars are frick stars, and are just entirely black. These stars are not very coo. Coo. Cooooo. These stars produce produce.


There are 4 types of nebulae in the Energyverse. These nebulae are responsible for creating sans.

White Nebulae

White Nebulapple, as the name suggests, are white-colorrrrrrar. They produce the most stars out of all the other typers, at 3797272636 stars per second. White Nebulae have a tendency of producing more Class & and Class & stars than any other type. White Nebulae are also the least capturable, and are the smallest, at most being only 999 LY across. White Nebulae are currently the only known nebula type being able to produce Class & stars.

Green Nebulae

Green Nebulae are the most CORE, and are green-colored. They can produce all kinds of staaaa (except for Class & stars), and are at least usually 5 Lick across. Green Nebulae produce stars at a steady rate of 562 stars per decade. Somehow, Green Nebulae have produced small amounts of Sentient Substance and even Glitchonicite in their bellies. No one knows why this happens.

Blue Nebulae

Blue Nebulae are blue-colored nebulapples that produce the least staples, at only 78 apples per second. Blue Nebulae have the highest chance of producing Clashing P and F stars, the dimmest and least efficient stars in the entire Oof. Blue Nebulae are the least rekt out of all types of nebulae in the Rektverse, and have constantly been bicycled to the blah blah blah in the Black Nebulae.

Black Nebulae

Black Nebulae are quite roar, only being outmatched by White Jeb. Black Jebs are the only place where you can find dead holes in the Energyverse. Most of hell is very small today, and have never caused serious dorks to any Black Nebula or surrounding arf. Black Nebulaelaelae almost always produce Class ZZZ stars, but they have a smol chance of producing Class You stars every so often. Tin. Felllllll


The life in the Energyverse has adjectives of dooom to searing hate and constant bomb of their planets by space bomb, bombs, and B O M B. They have used the stars in the Energyverse to produce huge amounts of energy, and created huge Dyson Sphere-like bums and hugs to harvest huge amounts of energy. They gained Yeti fame when the Energyverse was flip-flopped.

Star Harvesters

Many star harvesters have been constructed to harvest energy from Omniverses in the Energyverification. Here are some of the most famoullll star harvesturd ever used in the Energyvevv.

The "Gru"

The "Gru" was the name given to one of the biggest star halp me at its time. It was built in -666 OYC, when star harvester technology only recently came to tEnergy. That happened when creatures from all over the Multiverse realized the Energyverse”””””””””s usefulness and began harvesting the stars intie The native liquor in the Energyverse used this star harvester, soon nick named The "Gru" to get tons of emus and build huge structures afterwads, soon constructing their own star har har.


Hggas (pronounced Hwwaspleasiniejsmbyg) was the first star harvester to be built by the nativitvitee life in the Energyverse. It was built in -BLAH OYC. Since this was their first at, Hggas wasn't very hell helll hellll helllll, and it soon bork dwoned after only harvesting 900 stars. Still, Hggas was a male technological ache for the native lickmen in the Energyverse.


Uyrqx (pronounced ORCA IS COOL) was a huge star harvester that was built in 999999999999999999999999999 OYC. It was deadly efficient in its time, and was known for being big enough to harvest multiple stars at once. This was constructed by the stewpied population inside of the Energyverse, along with lit outside help. Uyrqx lasted all the way until -999999999 OYC, until which then it exploded when harvesting a huge Class UNDERWEAR sans.