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Alright, so there is a “wheel of powers”. I’ll explain that in a second. First, we should know that the wheel of powers has 8 numbers: ∞, ƒ, ω, ℾ, inaccessible cardinal, (number of Blueprint Particles in Alphasm’s imagination as of April 23, 2021), Vsaue, and ℾ!. The wheel of powers has these numbers all around the sides. But how does the wheel of powers work? Well, each number^the number on the opposite side of it will form the second layer, and do that again to form the third layer. After (insert total number in the ℾth layer here) layers, you get a number known as ɞ̯. This is the first of Fuzzo’s ultimate numbers.

To get the second ultimate number, replace the smallest number in the wheel of powers with ɞ̯ and then count it as layer 1. Go again until the spot where you would be at ɞ̯, and this spot will be the second of Fuzzo’s ultimate numbers. Keep doing this over and over again until you get to the ɞ̯!th ultimate number, which would be an infinitesmall of ɤ̯. ɤ̯ is the first of Fuzzo’s absolute numbers. The bold version of ɤ̯ is obtained when you make ɤ̯ an infinitesmall and count up to the new ɤ̯.

Wheel of factorials

The wheel of factorials works the same way as the wheel of powers but with factorials (!). The numbers here are ɤ̯, ɤ̯!, ɤ̯^ɤ̯, ɤ̯, ɤ̯!^ɤ̯!, ɤ̯!!!, ɤ̯^ɤ̯^ɤ̯^ɤ̯^ɤ̯, and ɤ̯+ɤ̯. You use these ɤ̯ times and you get an infinitesmall of the second of FAN. Once you get the second FAN, replace all the ɤ̯ in the wheel with that number. Also, take the ɤ̯ and treat it as if ɤ̯ was the second of FAN. If you get to the semifinal (ɤ̯!th) FAN, that’ll be an infinitesmall of 1/(the semifinal FAN) of the biggest number ever...

Fuzzo’s Transcendant Numbers

These numbers are far, far bigger than anything else. Follow the bold ɤ̯ steps but with ௵ as an infinitesmall of 1 and you get . Now imagine that as an infinitesmall. Follow the steps to reach it again. Do that times. You get ᙳᙌᙞ. That is the first transcendant number. Aha, follow this process for beyond forever repeating this page but with the first transcendant number being an infinitesmall of 1. NEVER stop, not even after ᙳᙌᙞ repeats. You get ᙳᙌᙞ. Do it again and you get FAP: Fuzzo’s Absolute Power.