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  • Fuzzo the fuzzy bee/fuzzo
  • Plasmath/plasma math
  • Plutfuse/pf/plut/fuse
  • ICantEdit/ice
  • Chalkosis/chalk
  • Randomuser66/R66/randomuser
  • LeftUnknown/Left
  • YellowMarkers1/YM/Yellow/Yellowmarkers
  • MinershavenM43/Minershaven/miners
  • BestNoobReborn/Best/BNR
  • Glitchy/Glitchy999

The beginning

  • Fuzzo: plasmath, are you ok?
  • Plasmath: what do you mean?
  • Fuzzo: you fell into lava.
  • Plasmath: no, that was PlutFuse.
  • Fuzzo: is he ok?
  • Plasmath: no, he died.
  • ICan’tEdit: Well, I built a recovery center!
  • PlutFuse: I’m alive?
  • Chalkosis: Oh wow your alive hahahahaha
  • Miners: Liver
  • Glitchy999: L I V E R
  • Chalk: so...
  • ???: Stew
  • Bnr: wat
  • ???: I am FPPICRLYMBG, but you can call me (N word) for short!
  • LeftUnknown: no.
  • FPPICRLYMBG: fine, call me Pepperidge Farm King, or PFK for short.
  • Fuzzo: wat
  • PFK: alright, time to pick the teams!
  • Chalkosis: teams for what?
  • Yellowmarkers: but we’re not objects...
  • PFK: You are now!
  • Glitchy: no, we still aren’t.
  • PFK: I don’t care.
  • Fuzzo: Ice, wanna be on my team!?
  • Ice: no, you’re annoying
  • Fuzzo: WhAt?
  • Ice: Glitchy, will you be on my team?
  • Glitchy999: yes, I can do that.
  • Fuzzo: Glitchy can I join your team?
  • Glitchy: Okie dokie!
  • Ice: wait, he’s not sup-
  • Glitchy: OKIE DOKIE
  • Bnr: Leftunknown, Miners, we’re bureaucratic ToGs so we should be on the same team!
  • Left: yes but Ice is too
  • Miners: Ice->Not singel
  • Left: what?
  • Bnr: Ice is on a different team.
  • !Bnr, Left, Miners!
  • !Glitchy, Ice, Fuzzo!
  • Plasmath: Let’s team up!
  • Plutfuse: good plan!
  • YellowMarkers1: can I join?
  • PlutFuse: yeah!
  • !Plasmath, Plutfuse, Yellowmarkers!
  • R66: Wait, I’m not on a team!
  • PFK: Yeah, well, this compitition is for R66! Whoever survives in the poo poo nation the longest wins R66!
  • Fuzzo: haha, poo poo nation!

(YellowMarkers stabs Fuzzo)

  • Glitchy: that was mean!
  • Yellow: Want me to stab. you. TOO!?
  • Glitchy: Just try!

(Glitchy shoots YM1)

  • Plasmath: it’s down to just us!
  • PlutFuse: let’s get Ice!

(Ice stabs Plasmath)

  • PlutFuse: AAAAAAAAA
  • R66: I wanna be on the bcrat team!

(R66 stabs Glitchy and PlutFuse)

  • Ice: Oh crap! (Runs)

(Ice runs right into BNR and they fall off a cliff)

  • PFK: Team Bcrat gets R66 while Team Plutsmath is up for ELIMINATION!
  • R66: YES!
  • Chalkosis: What about me?
  • PFK: wah? Oh... I forgot.
  • Chalkosis: ...
  • PFK: well since I forgot, YOU’RE ELIMINATED!!!
  • Chalkosis: RACIST!!!

(end of episode) Episode 2