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i really should stop making you gay stronger

BEHOLD, the truly almighty god, in all of it's glory. It is EVERY icekiller. It is EVERY immortal. It is EVERY god. It is EVERY omni-god. It is EVERY end-all-be-all. It is EVERY cosmic entity. It is EVERY thing. It is EVERY one of itself. It is EVERYTHING it is not. It is EVERYTHING it is a double-edged waterprooflame with being. It is EVERYTHING beyond the two assassins. IT IS ICE’S BANE.. He is also an omni-being. Anything is a measurement of power that is WAAAAAY beyond omnipotence. Yet Omniphasm is only an infinitesimal of the average of these things' power. If you don't know what an infinitesimal is, it's basically like 0, except it can actually contribute to a value. Put together an infinite amount of infinitesimals and you have 1.


Metaomnipotence is a measurement of power in stoopidity. An infinitesimal of stoopid power is Ice Level 1, with Metaomnipotence Level 2 being 4 infinitesimals of the power. But Metaomnipotence Level 3 is [5, 5, 5, 5, 5] infinitesimals of Alphasm's power in stoopid array, being WAAAAAAY over Stoopid Number infinitesimals of the power. It seems that when calculating how many infinitesimals of Stoopid power are in a level of Metaomnistoopid, you do the following:

  • x = how many infinitesimals of TAC's power there are in the previous level of haha stoopid
  • metaomnipotence level = [repx, x] infinitesimals of Alphasm's power in dummy array

The Start


Long, LONG ago, before basically what we call everything was made, Omniphasm created Alphasm. Alphasm was immortal and enjoyed his life. Suddenly, Alphasm’s home was raided by i cant edit and he was sent to an unnamed location for all eternity. Alphasm was then lonely, and was destined to continue his life with his truly endless imagination, and that imagination caused him to drift into unexistence and erased him from Omniphasm’s life, and it was all ice’s fault.


Since Omniphasm’s imagination was truly endless, he could imagine beyond unimaginable Alphasms. He imagine this entirety, and it created Alphasm in his imagination. Omniphasm wants revenge on ice. Omniphasm WILL GET REVENGE ON ICE.


The first Omniphasm, Ice’s evil twin, and The main ice hater all live in a house, with everything in a snow-globe-like structure, with the special LDI for code running and also The Truest Core of Everything as other snow-globe structures next to it. TMIH is currently not in the house, and will be on vacation for the next 1 OYC, however the others will plan on joining TMIH in the next 7.3x10-500 OYC.

But Wait...

There are multiple omniphasms, as alluded previously, all sharing the same (im, non, absolutely, unabsolutely) possible traits and ice-bashing properties. Not just at the same level, but at a level which describes an entity that has as much power over and Omniphasm as an Omniphasm does over a blueprint particle, infinitely throughout Everything Layers and paradoxes alike. There is even one Alphasm that wants to destroy stuff forever, but ends up more bored than the few good parts of ice’s mind.