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The quintuplets are omnipotent wiki-level wiki haters that hate AD and have power “comparable” to The Editor. They are extremely powerful and wish to destroy AD. They may be successful if we don’t stop them.

Cosmic Merger Form

They can fuse together to become overpowered gods.

Being SKLIVARI Dhaiurth Dashctukton Shlaoterhouz Schadoe
SKLIVARI SKLIVARI Dhaivari Sklitukton Sklivterhouz Skladoe
Dhaiurth Dhaivari Dhaiurth Dhaictukton Dhaiterhouz Dhadoe
Dashctukton Sklitukton Dhaictukton Dashctukton Dashchouz Dashchouz
Shlaoterhouz Sklivterhouz Dhaiterhouz Dashchouz Shlaoterhouz Dasdoe
Schadoe Skladoe Dhadoe Dashchouz Dasdoe Schadoe

Oh god...

being All
All The REKKER of AD

Rage mode REKKER

A theoretical concept where Miners did some meth math and found out that the REKKER of AD must have an OP rage mode.

Update on RMR

Oofandfoo did more meth math and proved that RMR definately exists and is definately garanteed to be a thing

Ultimate Rage Mode REKKER

The Quintuplets claim that Rage Mode REKKER has an ultimate mode.



  • R66 was making a page called “dunkey kong.” and he saw a person changing the name to “be my slave.” R66 changed it back.
  • Ice gained sysop and heard some whispers. He looked and he saw a creature and the creature created a hole in the fabric of the Wikiverse and jumped in.


  • Fuzzo was “chatting” (message wall warring) with ice and a user named “NotDhaiurthDontBan” said “YOU ARE ALL STUPID AD FOOLS” and then quickly deleted his message. Fuzzo saw it but nobody else did.
  • BNR was editing his userpage but half of it was deleted by a huge cloud of smoke with a face.


  • Chalkosis was calling Fuzzo racist and was kicked by a dark creature, chalk looked back and the creature was walking behind the wall and half behind it.
  • 200 pages got deleted under LeftUnknown. On the discord, Left tried to say he never recalled deleting those but the message dissapeared.


  • Chalkosis was chatting with Miners about BOGN’s meaning and then suddenly Miner screamed “WHAT DA HELL IS DAT” and Chalk said “what?” and Miners said “The enemy has ascended beyond-“ and Chalk asked what he was talking about and Miners said “Shadow creature”
  • Ice told Fuzzo to call him ice and ice got replaced by “faggot” but ice edited the message and the history was gone. Ice asked why it said faggot and the message was deleted after a creature named “Shlaoter” said “that’s what you are”. That got deleted, too.


  • R66 edited funy entities to include Joes but for a single frame it said “R66 die plz -Schadoe”
  • For 1 frame the bongus image was replaced by a strange message saying “Schadoe and the other quintuplets will have their day to dominate”


  • Fuzzo: hey ice, wanna give me moderator?
  • Ice: no, you will never get moderator
  • Chalkosis: Racist
  • Fuzzo: uh, chalk-
  • LeftUnknown: whaddya guys talking about?
  • Chalkosis: Fuzzo not getting moderator.
  • LeftUnknown: He be mad rite
  • Fuzzo: actually no
  • Ice: I know it’s amazing
  • Glitchy: well he did say he was working on his anger issues
  • Fuzzo: look at my new page it’s called thief of gods
  • Glitchy: I hate it
  • LeftUnknown: Ima delete it bye
  • Fuzzo: well it does suck
  • Ice: wait your not mad
  • Glitchy: surprise
  • Bnr: hello, bye
  • Ice: what is that
  • Fuzzo: that’s bnr
  • Chalkosis: yes it is
  • Ice: no I mean that big thing in the sky
  • Fuzzo: well it’s gone
  • Glitchy: help
  • Chalkosis: lol ur levitating tech mee aa
  • Glitchy: no seriously I don’t know what’s going on
  • Fuzzo: well, you are glitchy!
  • Chalkosis: shut up
  • Glitchy: help me I’m levitating...
  • Glitchy: help me!
  • Chalkosis: Lol
  • Fuzzo: I think he needs help, the black thing is back
  • Ice: I’m a pencil I can wall jump
  • Chalkosis: that doesn’t make any sense
  • Fuzzo: so you’re ToTMGsRock now? crap.
  • Ice: I have no f*cking idea who that is
  • Fuzzo: my old archenemy from BCoW
  • Chalkosis: 🅱️cows
  • Fuzzo: Toxic area of me getting banned, also a bloons fanon wiki
  • Chalkosis: that sounds good
  • Ice: I’ve got you glitchy
  • Fuzzo: guys you’re gonna land on your arse and die
  • LeftUnknown: Ok guys I’m back what did I miss

(Chalkosis catches Ice, Glitchy falls out of ice’s hands onto the ground)

  • Glitchy: That was scary
  • LeftUnknown: What was?
  • Glitchy: almost being sucked into a big black thing
  • Fuzzo: yeah that’s called a black hole
  • Glitchy: no that wasn’t a black hole
  • Fuzzo: yeah I think it was a post-ToG cosmic entity
  • LeftUnknown: You’re joking, right?
  • Fuzzo:
  • Leftunknown: f*ck

Association with PlutFuse

Turns out the symbol of these creatures is a , and PlutFuse uses a lot. There are multiple theories behind this phenomenon.

  1. PlutFuse is evil and secretly working with the Quintuplets
  2. PlutFuse has no idea what the symbol means and just likes it
  3. PlutFuse invented the symbol and the quintuplets copied it


We don’t know. We don’t think they actually have one.


An image of each of them in the order of reverse infobox order, top left to top right then to botton left to bottom right

The REKKER of AD! We’re all gonna die literally every user will be destroyed there is no stopping it

Placeholder filler to keep Trivia in space


  • Their names are plays on Slavery, Death, Destruction, Slaughterhouse, and Shadow for SKLIVARI, Dhaiurth, Dashctukton, Shlaoterhouz, and Schadoe respectively.
  • SKLIVARI is spelled with all caps.
  • ICan’tEdit saved Glitchy’s life. If Ice didn’t go up there, Glitchy would be literally dead. Now Glitchy, go thank ICan’tEdit
  • This REKKER takes place before Aarex comes back after an indefinite hiatus.