It’s a realm that has stuffed animals belonging to Fuzzo the fuzzy bee, and as such Fuzzo the fuzzy bee will make this page good. It is, just like yoshi's crafted world, made entirely out if artificial materials, however it’s more shifted towards soft and cozy ones.

Stuffed Animals

All the gunpowder are belong to us.
The Creeper is a being that explodes if you get even close to it. It is very dangerous, or it would be if the stuffed animal explosions were more than just huge stuffed orange balls. It’s explosion can, however, distort the environment’s shape in unexpected ways.

But Fuzzo... I am your mother.
The Ender Dragon A.K.A. Mom’s holloween costume is a stuffed minecraft ender dragon. Ender dragons are also the favorite for Fuzzo’s mother to dress up as. The ender dragon is very sus and huge. It will also fly around and shoot purple yarn at things.

I am the all-experienced anarchy school pet, nothing will stand between me and potential boyfriends.
The rainbow iguana, or Iggy, is a colorful gay stuffed iguana that was given as a goodbye from some random school. Rainbow Iguanas sometimes mate with Shadow Iguanas. In fact, it has recently been proven that Shadow Iguanas are actually male Rainbow Iguanas. Rainbow Iguanas are also very powerful and chaotic.

I am the old in the new, and the new in the old. The shadow in the light. I am the shadow iguana.
The shadow iguana, or Zizzy, is a stuffed animal that is 1 year old and 1,000 years old at the same time, as it’s soul is passed down through generations of shadow iguanas as fragments of the soul of the following generation. They are more powerful than their brighter counterparts, but they are much less chaotic. They are very stealthy, however.

Just die already, you stupid giant flying ender bat!
Steve? is Minecraft Steve from Super Smash Bros wearing full diamond armor. Steve? is the archenemy of the ender dragon and will stop at nothing to slay one of them. Steve?s are very bad at killing ender dragons however, and they often get killed in the process. They are big and strong and are immune to most attacks to the armor.

The cosmic snake is a huge snake who eats rainbow and shadow iguanas as well as steve?s and creepers. Cosmic snakes sometimes group up to prey on larger prey such as yoshis. Cosmic snakes are about 3x as long as the ender dragon but they are not mega-stuffed animals.

Flamingo sounds
The flamingo is a creature that is fairly large and also eats Shadow and Rainbow iguanas. It is prey for the ultimate dog and the cosmic snake. It sleeps on 1 leg and can run very fast to escape predators and catch prey. Flamingoes reproduce commonly.

Yoshi tongue, yoshi tongue, what Ba-dum have you brought our lives today?
Yoshi is the first mega-stuffed animal, being very large and having a ridiculously large tongue that can get to it’s prey easily. Yoshis struggle to walk due to over 95% of their weight being in their upper body. Yoshis eat Steve?s, Rainbow and Shadow Iguanas, and baby Creepers.

I am have of Chile neck.
The giraffe is the second mega-stuffed animal, having a ridiculously long neck and being the second largest stuffed animal, but not at all the second strongest. Giraffe power legs can fight off the ender dragon or even a yoshi easily. This makes the giraffe dangerous because it accidentally kicks everything.

Fe, fi, fo, fum... I think I, am a dum-dum.
The ultimate dog is the last mega-stuffed animal and the biggest stuffed animal. He is so stronk that he can fend off a group of giraffes easily. He usually sits around doing nothing, though. It can mate with itself, but it always prefers mating w/ someone else.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy... every day. You surely must know, how much I love you. Please don't take, my sunshine away. ...cow.
Cow is a sacred stuffed animal who is pretty small but he is stronger than even Bean Man and Poland, who cannot into space. Cow is protected by every other stfuffed animal. Or fuffed animal LOOOOL Cow is also the most wholesome stuffed animeal and also routinely walks in circles around the cow shrine in the center of the stuffed animal realm.


The forest is home to flamingoes, yoshis, ultimate dogs, rainbow iguanas, shadow iguanas, and creepers. It has a lot of trees.

Rainforests are a type of forest that cannot house ultimate dogs, are more rainy than most forests, and sometimes have steve?s living in them. Rainforests replace 1/5 forests and have dense trees.

Jungles replace 1/7 forests and have no ultimate dogs, flamingoes, or yoshis, however there is a lot more of the other life. Jungle trees are very large and there are a ton of them, plus the cosmic snake.

Deserts are biomes that contain Yoshis, Steve?s, Ender Dragons, and Giraffes. These biomes are very dry and have cacti in them. They are full of sand and are hot during the day and cold at night.

An insanely cold biome that is, during the day, on average, 10x as cold as the nighttime desert. It is home to Ender Dragons, Ultimate Dogs, Creepers, and Cosmic Snakes. Mostly just creepers, though.

These take up 1/3 of the total land area in the Realm of the stuffed animals. It has Ender Dragons, Steve?s, Creepers, and Flamingoes. It has a few trees, but not nearly as many as the forest.

These are biomes that have 2 parts: shallow and deep. Deep oceans don’t contain any life, but shallow oceans have rainbow and shadow iguanas as well as cosmic snakes. Steve?s go swimming here, as the ocean is entirely water.

They are basically tiny oceans that flow and are very long (like the Chile of the oceans). Because of this, Steve?s don’t really go swimming here. That’s pretty much it.

The Cow Shrine

The cow shrine is a hill with a structure on it. The structure looks like a detailed thicc, short pole that gets smaller as it goes up. On the sides of the pole are 3 small and tall poles that connect at the top via archways. Above the structure is a floating platform that the cow can teleport up to whenever he wants as long as he is close to the shrine. The cow likes to walk around this shrine and it is almost as hard to break as The Sphere. The reason it’s so strong is because a ToG decided that it should be pretty much unbreakable. You also can’t dig through the hill, because that’s illegal. The cow shrine is very large and is in the direct center of the verse.

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