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Seth has 2 variants. 1 is pre-· while the other is an omni-god. Most Seths are pre-·, but not all of them!

Seth Lazor

No it’s not laser u stewpiediotix! SethLaser.jpegSethLazor.jpeg Seth can shoot lazor that kill. Pinky cause extreme death

Seth needs no rebound

He can survive impakt from a whole 📦 and he does do it for every third alternating Wednesday schedule, 8:00 PM! 4 Seths died during the ses experiment where they tried to survive impact from 17 📦 at once, though, so they migrate to The SUS to release their inner Ė̶̢̨̢̨̨̡̧̢̗̘̗̤̗͓̣͉͎̝̳͈̣̥̰̲̪̙̞̻͙̤͇̼̤͎͓̹̘̬͎͙͇͔̻̺͔̼̲͇̜̂͑͆̔̽͛͋̾̓́̀̒̎͋̆̊̔̿̍̐͋̓̎͆̂̏̊͗͘͝͠ͅ


When the zombie does zombie Seth


Seth just lives his life, don’t ask why. Here is a list of his stuff he does.

  • He does Mexican-Central American-Asian culture mix.
  • He has a youtube channel and it’s only a dozen away from a double digit subscriber count.
  • Seth is Seth
  • Seth loves to punish people for eating his cyanide-flavored cupcake pizza pie (not for sale).
  • To show you the power of flex tape, Seth sawed this text in half!

Seth’s battles against the ratatatata

The ratatatata is a very long Rattata with a gun who shot Seth when Seth was 4, so Seth almost died but when Seth was 785, Seth saw ratatatata again and wanted revenge, so he used lazor and killed Ratatatata.


When the gay does gay Seth

Seth’s Super Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Fury modding stuff

Kaizo Kaizo Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Kaizo Kaizo Fury

This is one of the hardest kaizo hacks ever

Bruh Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Fury

All the text is google translated, the levels have strange colors, and the world map slowly spins. In Bowser’s Fury, Bowser Jr. really sucks at drawing.

Bad Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Fury

All the levels/islands are messed up in various ways to be stupid, and some of them are really hard, but not nearly kaizo hack level. Not even close.

Super Mario 4D World+Bowser’s Furry

The game has 4 spacial dimensions and Bowser Jr. is a furry and tries to attack you because he’s saying he’s a tiger and is hungry.

Super Duper Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Death

A graphically enhanced game where Bowser is literally removed from the game. He doesn’t exist, it’s Bowser Jr’s Fury and you are aided by Bowser Jr. Jr. and also the sprixies are kidnapped by crash bandicoot for some reason.

Super Mario 3D+Bowser

The World Map is removed and all the textures in Bowser’s Fury are just Bowser.

Super Mario 3 World+Bowser’s Fur

Bowser has a whole lotta fur and the game looks like Super Mario Bros. 3.

Souper Mayonnaise 3D World+Adam’s Apple

Everything is food (nom)

Seth: The Epic of Stew

Seth: The Epic of Stew is a game created by Seth where you would play as Seth in a 3D platformer and fight against the evil United People’s Free Republic Of States’ president, King Gniking gnog goggart snog trog bog log nog tog sog dog spa ra rog wog wag cag xag zag zig jagged jag. The world is an e that e to e e e e e

Seth’s Guide on How to Fart Chocolate Bars

It’s actually just a google translated version of every harry potter book. I, Fuzzo, really want to read it, but unfortunately I am just a ToGgled-off idiot so I can’t know how to be, on opposite day, unable to read.

Seth when lose soul

Game Over.jpegSeth become infinite murder and destroy all life and murder everything and you can’t stop him and you will die and there is nothing we can do, say goodbye