All dimensions Wiki

For once a verse in this ridiculous “chain” that isn’t a polyhedron.


Gecko stars are stars made of geckos, however they have purple lips and explosive unstable blood. The gecko stars sometimes spin so much that they lose all of their geckos because they fly out, revealing a core made of electric eels. 1 in every 5 stars are... these.

Brick cave towers are things on floating islands that are towers that have bigger-on-the-inside caves on every part. The towers themselves are also bigger on the inside. The caves are made of bricks, which is interesting. Nobody knows why this is.

Some lava blobs float around through this verse and poop flaming hot turds. Yeah, that is a little bit gross. Not like I would eat a blazing turd in the first place.

These galaxies are extremely cold but there is fire everywhere burning everything. About 1 in 10 galaxies are BFGs. I don’t know why these exist.

The box but it and all of it’s contents are inverted in everything other than size. These are located floating around this verse. It’s wierd.

This is a cookie that, when eaten, will turn a being as weak as bongus into a being of 5 vsaue. That is strange. What. What. These float around and are the size of cookies. Share them with your friends if you ever see one.

The rainbow nebula galaxy is a galaxy where everybody is gay. Also, the nebulas are all rainbow colors and make all rainbow stars and the planets are all rainbow. This is strange. 1/15 galaxies are these.

The glowing frog is a frog that glows and is omnipotent, however this is pointless similar to the Pointlessly Omnipotent Worm, however it’s even more omnipotent but a little bit less pointless as it sometimes uses this a little bit. The glowing frog sometimes duplicates and it has no control over this.

The ruler

Ozzuf, or Reverse Fuzzo, or eeb yzzuf eht ozzuF, is not evil or the opposite of Fuzzo or anything, it’s just a being who is a bee and is not Fuzzo and rules over this verse and is really powerful.