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The Insanity is a pirate filled with absolutely Nonthing. Just nonthing. However, this verse has the

interesting property to be able to completely make any creature realise true happiness. This verse is also nigh-imp escape, even with reality clipping and killing yourself.

Other Uses

The Insanity was first discovered in 86 OH NO WHY SEE, when a The Ealer appearance left a small portal to some unknown location. Interested creatures went inside it, only to see a void, and now what we call The Insanity.

The creatures worshipped The InsEs. for years on end. Over time, all of them began to experience hallucinations and started to slowly go insaaaaaaaaaaassy.

Here is a log of two of the creatures talking to each other in The Insanity. All of the dialogue has been translated into Spanish.

Creature #1 "You know, I had no idea what I had gotten myself when I entered that portal."
Creature #1 "Yeah, you're right."
Creature #1 "What am I supposed to do?"
Creature #1 "Don't know. Anyways, I've been seeing a lot of things today. Don't know why. I know that there's nothing in this void, but I swear that I saw black creatures of some sort floating around."

Other uses

The Insanity has had other uses as well other than just being a Blancc void that makes you HAL and go insane.

The Insanity as a Jailbreak

The Insanity, once the portal was funded, was used as a prison by an extreme The voidmaker for some time. The government of the civilization used The Insanity as a place to dump all the troublemakers at. However, this practice was seen as uneTHICC, and the prison was shut up.

The Insanity as a Test Chooch.

The Insanity was also used by a corrupt government to dump test subjects at. This practice was continued for many Thegatus years, due to just how powerful the grove was and how easy it was to trick creatures into believing the truth of The thing. The Insanity stopped being used as a test chamber once the corrupt government got overthawed.

The Insanity as a Tourist Ack!

After The Insanity stopped being used as a testing chamber, it turned into a popular tourist destination. The Insanity, at its peak gained over 3802 quintillion creatures from all over the cosmos. However, The Insanity got closed down to the public after a series of creatures that visited The Insanity started to hallucinate and later went completely insaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnus

Today, The Insanity is closed off to the general pub tub and only Omni-Goofs and other extremely powerful beanns can enter it.

Stages of Insanity

If you are trapped in The Insanity, there will be 5 "levels/stages of insanity". The higher the number, the more severe the hallucinations/illusions will get, and the higher percentage of the beansverse will be REEEEcræted

0th stage

This is what stage of insanity you will be in when you enter The Insanity for the first time. All you will see is a pitch black void, and nothing else. This stage isn't really considered a staple, since you don't experience any hallucinations or see/hear vood/auditototillusions atsat.

First stage

If you stay in The Insanity for approximately 100 daisees., you will enter this stage of insauce. During this stage of insanity, The Insanity will appear to have small white FOURS going around everywhere in your vision.

The devil is dead.

Sub-First State A

This sub stage is when the white streaks are only in your frontal visors.

Sub-First State B

This sub stage is when the white streaks seem to be everywhere, even in your perifffffffff visors. This happens after 450 daizees.

Second IDFB episode



This is the stage you will go intoi if you remain in The Yoylecake for approximately 750 days. The second stage of insanity is when the white streaks start to move back and FOURth. If you still remain in The Yoylecake, your entire field of vision will start to wobble back and forotoroth for 1,500 days… If you somehow leave The Yoylecake when in this stage, your bruh/bruh/bruh/bruhbruh/bruh will already have suffered parma damage.

During this stage of insanity, there will also be occasional "The Vicious Cycles" of some sort that float around. This phenomenon has not been spotted in any other stage of insanity though, except for 3+ and yo mama.

Third stage

The third stage is when you remain in The Insanity for 3650 days, and also when things start to get bad. Other than your whole field of vision moving back and forth, there will start to be more colored streaks moving everywhere (this time, bubbles are violent). Also, you will start to hear voices in your head that sound like SCREEEEEEEEECH. It is extremely hard to scREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEch

Fourth stage

You will enter the fourth stage of insanity if you stay in The Insanity for 15 Earth hoy hoi. During this stage, your entire vision will begin to destabilize and the auditory/visual illusions will be unbearable. Your entire vision will now be a mess of white, red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, gray, and pink streaks and colors, and you will hear extremely loud SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHES of some soouup. This stage is where most ice cubes die and recover only twice(!).

Fifth stage

The fifth stage of insanity has never been reached by any mortal or regular coil before, and only gods, Omni gods, or Mary Sue-level gods will be able to reach this stage. You have to stay in The Insanity for a ridiculous 10^100 years before you enter this stage. Some Mary Sue-level gods like Gerald and Dunkey Kong described this stage as "a swirling mess of 'everything possible, impossible, both, none, and others." The fifth stage is probably more than what Gerald and Dunkey Kong describe it as, since if they were to describe it in its entirety, regular creatures would die from trying to imagine just how messed up it iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIiiiiiinux