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The dohdehcahhehdrohn.

This thing is a dodecahedron where you have to use an h after all vowels. I am not doing it here because I’m not inside the verse. There are also dangerous creatures here.



The REEEE is a creature that makes a noise so loud that the person hearing it will become unconscious. If you can hit the REEEE, it will explode.

Stone baby

The stone baby is a huge baby made of stone that attempts to grab and eat you. It is not regular stone, however, it is actually as strong as The Sphere, however several powerful entities at this level are big enough to destroy that because a ToG made it so that they could.

Giant Wolf of Cosmic Snails

The giant wolf of cosmic snails, or the GWoCS for short, is a giant wolf that attempts to kill and eat you, and it also has toxic cosmic snails all over it’s body with corrosive slime. The cosmic snails are hostile but have to stick to the wolf, who is immune to their slime.


Yeeteors are powerful sentient meteors that fly around and yeet things into other things. Sometimes they play a game where they yeet something at another yeeteor and that yeeteor catches it and yeets it back. That is a fun activity unless you are the object they are yeeting.