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The end of discord is how the AD discord server, and all of discord, will end. It will end the entire hierarchy before and in the next hierarchy loop.

What is it

Well, one day somebody will raid a discord server. Then, the raiders will suddenly be forced to do all sorts of pings and the pings are un-disabled. The discord server’s users are all hurt and then the server is destroyed. After that, other servers that share users are infected in a cascading effect, using bots like MEE6 for mass devastation due to the amount of servers they are in. After discord is destroyed, people who use it will dmaage other apps they play. If the internet is what they own, it spreads through, destroys, the internet, and the wikiverse. The devices are infected like a virus and all die.

After that, the planets will begin to be destroyed, then the universe, and then it breaks through all of TOH. Cosmic entities such as bongus are hurt. Eventually, alphasm’s imagination is hurt and it breads through his brain and body, then it infects the post-alphasm verses until it ends the wikiverse. It stops at that point.