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The mysterious house is a house in some Boxes. It is not in ours. It is home to Frederick, Hannah, and their daughter Stacey. Not much else is known except for how it’s very dangerous.


The mysterious house is, in most boxes, an area where force fields prevent you from entering. Powerful entities placed them there to protect people by not letting them enter the area where they would certainly die.

Frederick, Hannah, and Stacey


Frederick is a kind old man, however he encourages people to exit the house for their own safety, claiming that it is incredibly dangerous. He is not lying when he says this, and you should probably leave when he tells you to.


Hannah is a young woman who, if people refuse to leave, acts like a mother to them until they inevitably die. She also won’t protect them from the dangers after a few months because she doesn’t want to have to deal with this for so long.


Stacey is an only child who is relatively unaware of the danger, but still encourages people to leave. She has a speech impediment and is afraid of heights, the dark, and ghosts. Unfortunately, she has to live with a ghost.

The Ghost

There is a ghost who haunts the mysterious house. This ghost does stuff like moving objects around, obstructing vision with a lot of white mist, making people trip on a really quickly moving white object, trapping people, pranking people, making invisible walls, possessing objects for some reason, shattering objects, making spooky sounds, and also appearing and then murdering people. He has an order in which he starts doing these things to each visitor:

  • Moving objects
  • Spooky sounds
  • Shattering objects
  • Making invisible walls
  • Vision obstruction
  • Tripping people
  • Trapping them
  • Murder


Living room

The living room is where you can find a couch which has cushions that you sink into... and then you keep sinking into them... and it’s hard to get away... and they swallow you. You can also find a TV that constantly plays static 24/7 except for when it shows a horrifying screaming face.


The kitchen has an oven that, when you get near it, starts to melt you. It also has a refridgerator that moves towards you when you aren’t looking, and if it reaches you, it traps you inside, freezing you to death. There is a torture chamber in the refridgerator. There is also a microwave that, when approached, will show loved ones and loved objects being melted inside it, but that’s an illusion. If you keep going towards the microwave, it will trap and kill you.

The dining room

This room has chairs and tables and a chandelier. The chandelier falls and regenerates a lot, sometimes homing in on you, but other than that this room is relatively normal. However, the ghost likes to hang out in this room, so you should stay away.

The bathroom

The bathroom has a toilet, but if you sit on the toilet a huge tentacle comes out and pulls you into the toilet, and in the toilet there is an inescapable pocket dimension that is similar to The Bridge. The sink’s water is corrosive and melts you as well. The bathtub’s curtains block the bathtub and interacting with the curtains deletes your vital organs.

The bedroom

The bedroom is a room with a bed, but lying down in it makes you immobile and then has the blanket cover you up, and then the bed basically eats you. The lights constantly flicker in this room and standing in it for too long makes a shadowy figure appear at one side that is only visible when the lights are off. Each time the lights go off, the figure gets a little closer. When it reaches you, the next time the lights go off, it will be shown with it’s mouth open and more horrifying, and the next time the lights turn off, you die instantly. If you run from the creature after it reaches you, your existence rank is changed to 0.

The Attic

The attic is the attic. It is made of wood and a lot of the time, the wood will break below you and you fall into a pit of spikes and closing in walls made of flesh. Also, the ground in the attic corrodes your body, and attempting to leave the attic brings you back to the attic again. The Abomination appears here.

The Basement

This room, when entered, makes it extremely dim and turns the doorway into a wall, but the door stays. The basement gets colder and colder as you keep staying there, eventually freezing you. The lights also get dimmer and dimmer. Invisible sniper rifles sometimes shoot invisible bullets without making noise... and the bullets are aimed at you. Along with all of that, the Takeout is here.