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The verse from the outside

It’s a torture chamber where you land on WHITE HOT SPIKES and are crushed to death by MORE WHITE HOT SPIKES. It can only be reached through nearly impossible methods where you really break the physics by exploiting loopholes ToGs missed on certain pages. The name is based on how a ToG named Fuzzo was defining where a certain tunnel would send you, and he decided that if the 2 first options were not applicable for some reason, you will go here, the WMYDTTMV.

The torture chamber, if you exit it, there are depressed versions of gods on this wiki attached to slowly spinning blue rings around the torture chamber. There are many rings, each one larger than the last, all of them blue with different gods. Some cosmic beings that aren’t gods are here, too. Gods who are stronker than this have heavily weakened versions of them. Infinite-sized gods are shrunk to finite-sized gods. Also, they cannot be freed.

If you go beyond that, you find dark purple orbs slowly floating around. They electrocute you and they also regenerate. They contain wierd mutant babies that are dying slowly. If freed, they die instantly. They are attached by red lines to the insides of the orb. They cannot be helped, as trying to help them instantly kills them. They will never grow up.

Beyond the orbs, you can find green glowing portals that lead you back to the torture chamber. Some of the portals are slightly smaller and slightly darker, but they do the same exact thing.

If you go beyond that, you reach an invisible barrier. Once you reach it, there is depressing music. There are tunnels that, if you go down, you continue going down (you can’t stop) as they get tighter and tighter until their about only large enough to fit a single Dave. Their size decrease is at a 0.0000001 degree angle.

Beyond that, there are the borders of the verse. They are dark blue and glowing, and anything that is near them slows down. If you touch them, the part that touches bounces off. You can’t teleport past.

If you get through the blue barrier, you will be in Thingk. The total size of this verse is about the same as all of Alphasm’s imagination, and outside this verse there is the sadisticsadverse