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The Xenderverse is a very dangerous verse with dangerous cosmic entities. It is on the second everything layer. It’s also basically a huge planet, but all the details are underground. There is an extremely high amount of holes. The environment basically looks like one of Xender Game’s Geometry Dash levels.

Cosmic Entities


Electro.jpegElectro is a catlike computer thingy that installs viruses into you and attacks you with lasers, ground smashes, and more while he tries to obliterate you. He will succeed, you won’t win… you don’t even stand a chance against his electronic fists of doom. Stay away from the Xenderverse.

Laser Eye

Lasereye.jpegLaser Eye is, as his name implies, an armored eye that shoots lasers. The lasers can incinerate anything, including everything you try to use to block it. Since it’s a lightspeed laser beam, it’s unavoidable, making it impossible to win in a fight against Laser Eye. So… yeah. Don’t EVER even think about going close to this beast. It’s not a good idea.

Devourer I: Eater

Eater.jpegThis monstrosity can shoot lots of things at you, such as huge lasers or small projectiles. But most of all, it will try to eat you. Yeah, there’s no coming back from that. Avoid this at all costs. Only problem is, since it’s so fast, it’ll probably find you before you find it, and if it finds you… well, it was nice knowing you. Seriously, don’t even think about going into the Xenderverse, unless you want to die a painful death. I can’t emphasize this enough.

Devourer II: Biter

Biter.jpegThe Biter is a thing that tries to take bites out of you, causing incredible pain as it feasts on your flesh. The Biter also reproduces by spitting out small Biters, and they will eat you too. There is nothing you can really do to fight it, it’s just going to eat you. It’s going to be painful. Very, very painful. Also, it’s armored even inside the mouth, so you can’t really hurt it in any way. Just give up.

Devourer III: Crawler

Crawler.jpegThe Crawler is similar to the Eater, but it can’t shoot anything and just tries to eat you. However, it’s faster, stealthier, and can climb on walls. It’s teeth are also much sharper and it’s way more agile and flexible. It’s speed and stealth means you’ll probably get killed even if you are almost sure that the Crawler isn’t in the area. There is no way to combat this, as there is a pretty high chance of dying without being able to react to what’s killing you. Too bad.

Dual Beam

Dual Beam.jpegDual Beam is 2 creatures, but they each have 2 minds. One mind is one that is, despite there being 2 of it (1 per creature), they are the same brain. The other brain is independent. Dual Beam fires massive Laser Beams. Oh, and they can fly.


Doomsday.jpegDoomsday is a huge drone who acts like 1 creature of Dual Beam but way bigger and more powerful, and it even has more abilities. It isn’t nearly as fast, though. I would recommend running from him instead of fighting him. Not like you will survive, anyways. Just please don’t come to the Xenderverse.


Doominator.jpegThe Doominator can be found in the meaty inferno hanging from the ceiling. They blend in with the meaty lava in the ceiling and will ambush you once you go below them, since it’s relatively immobile. It can use it’s scythe arms to instantly trap and pull up to devour it’s prey, with no way for the victim to get out since they don’t have nearly enough time to react.


Eschaton.jpegThis creature will be the unholy end of YOU. Seriously, it can shoot lasers and projectiles and everything else, and it’s basically omnipotent, which you will learn when you try and fail to escape from this monstrosity during your last moments of life, as you pray to the ToGs to help you… but they have better things to do. You meet your end, realizing the truth. The Xenderverse is truly impossible to survive a visit to.


This is just the head.

Chaos has opened this new world, and I will show it to you all. Let violence crush your blood and your bones. Cry, because that’s the last thing you can do. The Abomination is by far the most powerful and dangerous creature in the Xenderverse, and it’s by far the biggest, too. It can easily obliterate multiple Reapers, Crawlers, Biters, Eaters, Laser Eyes, and Electros just by thinking about them. It will give you a slow and painful death. This creature cannot be survived by any other. It is the ultimate god of destruction. Annihilation. Obliteration. You simply cannot win. It’s death. The end. No coming back, no respawning, no reviving, just the end. Forever.


Name Chance
Electron Forest 15%
Dreamy Hotel 2%
S i b e r i a 13%
Field of Memories 10%
Technozone 60%

Electron Forest

EF.jpegThe Electron Forest is an Electric Forest where lots of wires are loose and massive trees are everywhere. Electro is quite common here, as he is in it’s technological variant. This forest can sometimes electrocute you, so be careful!

Nighttime - Electron Tech Forest

ETF.jpegThe ETF is like the Electric Forest, but with even more electric stuff and technology, plus the trees are completely replaced by huge cybernetic pillars of quantum technology. It’s also quite a good home for Electro.

Dreamy Hotel

DH.jpegThe Dreamy Hotel is the safest place in the Xenderverse by far, but also by far the rarest. Expeditions to the Xenderverse usually have the people sent camp out in the Dreamy Hotel, as it has everything they need and is very welcoming in appearance and dangers with no big dangers present.

Nighttime - Sleepy Hotel

SH.jpegThe Sleepy Hotel is more wide open than the Dreamy Hotel in most places but more enclosed in others. It also makes you tired when you enter. It’s not dangerous at all, though. The Dreamy Hotel is, even at night, still a good place to camp out until the monsters arrive and destroy you.

S i b e r i a

SBR.jpegS i b e r i a is a place that can sometimes reach temperatures far below absolute zero. It is very cold, but it is also very empty except for lots of magical artifacts that could save you from the dangers in the Xenderverse, other than maybe Reaper, and there is no way it can save you from the Abomination.

Nighttime - Dreary Bubbles

DB.jpegThe Dreary Bubbles are basically a few Bubbles with floating artifacts around them. Some parts of it aren’t bubbles, and instead have small parts of S i b e r i a with inverted colors. Interesting.

Field of Memories

FoM.jpegFields of Memories are places where it tends to rain a lot and shrines can be seen often. Some aspects of the FoM reflect your memories. For example, if you remember fighting Bongus, you might see a shrine that looks like Bongus with a sword. The FoM is different for everyone, but it always follows the guidelines that I mentioned here, and the image.

Nighttime - Dungeon of Darkness

DoD.jpegThe only lights are the faint glows of the BLAZING DEATH FIRE! Watch out for it… oh wait it’s high up on the walls. Don’t fall down, either, as you might get trapped. It’s so dark that it’s the secondary most common spot for Doominator ambushes, as the ones that can’t find the Meaty Inferno tend to go here.


TZ.jpegThe Technozone is by far the most common biome, and it’s similar to the environments seen in stages like Ultra Violence and The Eschaton by Xender Game. It has so much Cybernetic Technology and Digital stuff and much more, and you can easily take a square meter of stuff from it and build it into a supercomputer if you know how. This is also where most of the danger is, so be careful here.

Nighttime - Meaty Inferno

MI.jpegThe Meaty Inferno is full of “fleshy lava”. Fleshy lava is, as it’s name implies, a fleshy version of lava. Lava mixed with flesh. If you touch the fleshy lava, your flesh will be sucked out and become part of the lava, while your skin and bones fall down into the fleshy lava and burn up, or just lay there on the ground. All your flesh will be instantly sucked out even if you just barely tap the lava, so… yeah, don’t touch it.