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The virtual hyperverse is the 3rd biggest verse in the virtual chain. He is the second virtual archverse. On the picture in the right, the majority of the virtual xenoverse are proto-xenoverse, meaning virtual hyperverses are extremely recent (16 yoctosecondes is the max ages it's can get). The particularity of any of these virtual hyperverses is that they have exactly the same size, not even a plank lenght bigger, they have parallel xenoverse from our hyperverse meaning there is a virtual universe that is the exact copy of our.

More weird laws of physics

If you enter a virtual hyperverse, you would get into a parallel one from your, it's because of the negative size. Virtual hyperverses are the first virtual core that is created to make a virtual omniverse.

Dimensions (negative)

negative dimensions are exactly the same of the positive, but it's negative, so this use negative size, a guy that is in 3D cant walk into -3D dimension but can visualize it, same for others dimension.

There is others name for virtual-archverse, there is parallel-archverse, negative-archverse, proto-archverse and trans-archverse.