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Periodk is the ultimately fundamental particle in Xiverse, as it takes numbers and mathematical formulas from Mathons to build logic for all H(-1)-dimensions.

Like Blueprint Particles, it can be stated as "a fundamental particle by mathmetical abstraction." This is what make it a fundamental particle for imaginary-number sizes and mysterious sizes.

Periodks group together to form a .: fabric, in which defines metabit values based on placements. Therefore, this particle can be the smallest particle of absolutely tinier particles.

However if a number system is limited by set, then everything (like metabits, dimensions, and property counterparts) that is based on that system, is just simply ignored.


Initially, the infinite line of Periodk particles fold up to form a planar fabric, which later become infinitely bent, as some Periodk particles go between rows.

Every row has a different coefficient of Metabits, based on Periodk particles beside on it; which is later multiplied by the amount of these Periodk particles, summed up by ???, and then compiled by Zyorons.

However, there is an anomaly of Periodk called ???, which makes Periodk particles jump over a fabric, and moving onto random rows.

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